No more Degree deodorant! / New shoes! / Handel / Grammar litmus test

I’ve discovered that the Cool Comfort Degree deodorant which I bought on June 17 is bad for my armpits, since I have to scratch them way more than usual. It even SAYS that it’s non-irritating for sensitive skin – yeah, right! THE DEODORANT LIES! Then material collects in my fingernails, and I have to get that out using my pens… no more Degree deodorant or smelling like Mike (whose birthday is today) for me! After I threw it away in the laundry room garbage can, I was off to Shoppers Drug Mart at 3:15 to get on-sale Speed Stick with Irish Spring deodorant, which at least never did that to me. Then I went to Payless to get new shoes for the first time since September 27, 2013 (the white Safety Step shoes cost $50), but was delayed ten minutes by a stupid girl ahead of me in line who wanted to look at bags while her friend saved her spot at the checkout. What the?! LOOK AT BAGS BEFOREHAND! Actually, it reminded me of the time last May 6 (2014) when Mike bought new black shoes in the US (New Balance at Sports Authority in Bellis Fair), after doing some research here on 27 April 2014. Selwyn and I noticed each other when we passed Sephora, so we nodded to each other. I got home at 4:20 on a 407, which is fine.

Speed Stick with Irish Spring deodorant!

The new relationship grammar litmus test, from Krista and SMBC Comics: Show the person a sign which says “Your fat.” An offended person is too bad at grammar to date. A non-offended person will thank you for the gift of bacon.

The microwave HANDEL (as in the composer) is broken?! WTF?!

Chocolate Almond Coconut Macaroons!


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