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International taste in food, bookworms, hats, pickles, puppies, outfits, lobster

June 28, 2015

More catching up! Your Taste in Food is 80% International You may not have literally traveled the whole world, but your tastebuds have. You are a very adventurous eater. You love learning about cultures from all over the globe, and while the best part is tasting the food, your curiosity doesn’t stop there! How International […]

Jam, EMMA, HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE, polka dots, fabric, being agreeable

June 27, 2015

More catching up! You Are Peach You glow with the warm and fuzzy feelings you have. You are a genuinely good person, and it shows. You really get the most out of life that you can, and it’s all about the perspective you bring. You have a ton of gratitude. You like to put in […]

Eddie Lack traded?! / Sick Hiero / Fans / Kohlrabi / Quita, Antwan, and Tawaii

June 27, 2015

I got up this morning to find that Eddie Lack got traded for Carolina Hurricanes DRAFT PICKS?! WTF?! It turns out that I got to Harmony’s at the right time this morning despite just missing a 3 bus, as they’d just come back from a walk in the hot sun. Hiero wasn’t sleeping despite waking […]

Spa fragrance, diamond shape, yummy manicures, UK, six Californias

June 27, 2015

I’m catching up before I have to leave! You Are Pomegranate Blood Orange You are big on savoring every good thing in life, and you never shy away from experiences that are extra-juicy. You go for strong feelings and big memories, even if there is a bit of challenge involved. You like to earn your […]

Sushi, middle school, being fake, Converse, artwork, 80s music, years, pasties

June 26, 2015

Yay for more catching up on Blogthings quizzes! You Scored 86% Correct You are an 80s expert. You never confuse New Order with the Pet Shop Boys. You know which classical musician Falco rocked. When it comes to 80s music, you Just Can’t Get Enough! How Much Do You Know About 80s Music? Blogthings: 100’s […]

Youtube buffering and cutting out, Blogthings project done, wasabi candy

June 26, 2015

The wonders of a restart! Youtube videos kept buffering and cutting out really early before going to the next one in the playlist. I also finished Summer Project #5 (or is it #6?) this afternoon at 3:50! Like an OCDL, I spent the last three days going through all the Blogthings topics and quizzes to […]

Finishing the Mega Rolls of Charmin toilet paper! / Wild Mike’s (dream)

June 26, 2015

Remember the 16 Mega Rolls (64 regular rolls) of Charmin toilet paper from Mike’s November 28, 2014 trip to Superstore? I’ve finally finished that discounted and tax-free stuff! Thanks, ex! (I finished the 24 double rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper on March 9, 2015) I had a dream where Nathan and Chinese Eric were telling […]

What’s the Recipe for Your Personality?

June 25, 2015

You Are Made Of Success, Cleverness, and Sensitivity 3 parts Success 2 parts Cleverness 1 part Sensitivity And a Splash of Class Finish off with a little umbrella and straw What’s the Recipe for Your Personality? Blogthings: 100’s of Fun, Free Quizzes!

Chicken and mushroom pasta at White Spot! / Seeing Helen and Abby

June 25, 2015

I got to White Spot at 5:50, and it was so crowded that I decided to get a table right away instead of waiting for Chrystal to arrive. When she did get there, she said it was a good thing that I had done so! We talked about Emily being pregnant and due in late […]

Special Canada flag quarter, name preferences, SEX AND THE CITY quizzes, Laura’s sushi

June 25, 2015

I found a special coin in my change today, so of course I had to keep the CANADA FLAG: 50 YEARS quarter! I still remember when Korey blamed Steve Moore for taking all my special quarters in early August 2008! At 11:20, I called Chrystal at work briefly to ascertain that we were still on […]