Alexandra Court, Wild Mike’s pizza, Napoleon dragon, Corsica, Nageam

I finished or threw out my February / March perogies and potstickers to make room for the eventual pizza boxes in my freezer. Then Barry gave me a heart attack by calling me at 12:25 to see if I wanted to go a little early. Not good timing, since I was eating some Hon’s potstickers! Then he called me again at 12:30 to see whether I was interested in living at Alexandra Court – WHAT ABOUT “I’M EATING LUNCH” DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?! I was busy elsewhere, for goodness sakes! (and not having an argument, as he later thought) At least I got him to defer the discussion of a waitlist and benefits like “no mice or Amacon” till later! THIS is why I usually turn my phone off and get to phone calls when I want to, which is something Mike never understood! HE always lives life as if everything is an emergency and needs to be dealt with right away!

At 12:50, we were finally off to Price Smart – I knocked over a blueberry display with the bad wheel of my shopping cart on my way into the store! Luckily, a Loss Prevention officer was standing nearby to get people to clean it up! Then I realized that I only had cash and not my debit card, so it was time to pare down my shopping list! I got on-sale Ocean Spray cranberry iced tea x5 for only a dollar each, an on-sale pack of three Wild Mike’s Supreme pizzas with a cheesy (mozarella / Provolone / Parmesan) bottom crust and sausage / peppers / pepperoni / onions / black olives (perfect for future hangouts with Chinese Eric!), one Silk almond milk, on-sale Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioner (Passion Splash Fruit Sensation), Aroi white curry noodles (which Mike probably would have liked), on-sale DOLL instant noodles (sesame oil / shrimp wonton), and three bananas. It was only $36.07, and I got out of the creepy cashier’s line! At least I don’t have to wait impatiently around for someone who will never arrive here and then blame ME for it, like I did last year!

Doll shrimp and wonton noodles!

Doll sesame oil noodles!

Doll chicken noodles!

Doll spicy tonkotsu noodles!

Doll spicy beef noodles!

Sautao Black Pepper XO Sauce noodles!

Sautao abalone and chicken charcoal noodles!

Penang Har Mee prawn noodles!

Fuku spicy beef noodles!

Instant Noodle King abalone and chicken noodles!

JOY OF COOKING braised beef with egg noodles!

Silk Pure Almond milk: dark chocolate, original, and vanilla!

Earth’s Own almond milk: vanilla and original!

Wild Mike’s Ultimate pizza!

Can I tell you where Napoleon Bonaparte comes from? Of Corsican! DRAGON!

Nageam?! WTF?!

Fruit salad in watermelon!

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