Staples: Z-Grip pens, and a decent scientific calculator WITH batteries! / Casio calculators

Michelle’s given birth to a boy named Spencer, and Andrea’s given birth to a baby boy. I called the pharmacy next door to pick up my birth control prescription, and made a post on the Facebook wall for Staples to inquire whether their scientific calculators included batteries. They said that all of them did, and I could even call a store and confirm this with a technology associate! But then Charles B. decided that he HAD to comment on the wall post with how his calculators were solar-powered… NO! That is NOT what you do! How annoying! I told him that if I’d wanted his opinion, I’d have asked for it!

I went out at 4:45 to pick up my prescription, then went to Staples on the 410. While I was there for a new scientific calculator (store brand for $8!), I decided to pick up 12 Z-Grip pens for the first time since January 17, 2014 (I’ll pick up more later) Yay for being a consumer whore! At the checkout, I saw pink Excel White gum, so I picked up three tubs. I got home at 5:45 on a 407, which is fine by me. Then I discovered an uncapped pen from the last time Chinese Eric was over (April 23?!), so of course that went into the garbage along with yesterday’s useless London Drugs calculator and the old scientific calculator!

Staples BD-107i scientific calculator!

Casio calculators!


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