COUGAR WIVES, growing hair out, chicken wings, last dinner, nesting dolls

Vanessa and I talked via Facebook messages about Mike, Krista not waiting for Ryan after all like she thought in their final conversation, drama, abusers, losers, a woman on COUGAR WIVES who looked like an older version of Krista, Ryan, dating, and people probably never changing. When I cut my hair, I was reminded of how Mike said that he wanted his own hair to be a consistent length when growing it out; if there’s a KNOT in his hair, I think he could cut it out and not worry about tiny things like that! Of course, I never really said anything about that because it was his decision about his own body. That was and is the right supportive thing to do.

Eric called me at 6:35, and we talked about “dammit” and BLACK BOX ice cream before he said he’d be here at 7-ish. We went to the small group dinner tonight: Pastor Dan, Dylan, his parents, Deb, Declan, Elysse, Jason, Vicky, Eric, and I had pizza, chicken wings, chicken pasta salad, water, apple juice, brownies, coffee, and my Breyer’s dark chocolate velvet ice cream! Everyone said that the ice cream was THE darkest chocolate ice cream they’d ever seen (“I thought it was black sesame!”), so of course I told them where to get it. I specified the BLACK box when talking about the Red Flag Deals forum thread I’d stumbled upon in February 2013. (Hey, it’s pre-Mike! I am surprised, haha!) No “frozen dessert” for us! I’m not a PICKY person by any means, but for ice cream? Hell yeah, I am!

We talked about Sharon not being here because her mom has an ear infection, the Brooklyn missions trip, loneliness, pregnancy, movies, Robert Heinlein and STARSHIP TROOPERS (I kept thinking of watching SPACEBALLS with Mike at his place on 10-11 June 2013), Romans compared to the Garden of Eden story in Genesis, Bible commentary, life updates, PITCH PERFECT 2 (I watched PITCH PERFECT on Netflix with Erica and Cousin Julie the very last time I was at Vivian’s on Christmas Day 2014 since Mike was sleeping in the basement), Declan’s pink marshmallow, Dylan and Deb moving TWICE in the next few months, basement suites, and looking for work. Declan said that he was looking for a container for his pink marshmallow, and it would be small and pink. SO CUTE! We also discovered that knowing two people with the same name can be confusing when talking about just one of them. Eric said that he was going to the Okanagan from July 1-5, so of course I remembered the times when Mike said that he might move to Osoyoos for financial reasons. Oh well. I got home at 10:10, which is fine. It still would be nice to have someone else around, but as I told Eric, that is not to be. *sigh*

A Russian nesting doll:

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