House of Canton, 40th anniversaries, parents STILL CALLING MIKE?!

I FINISHED THE RELATIONSHIPS 3 SECTION SEPARATION TODAY! FIVE SECTIONS, ONE PRE-EMPTIVE! After staying up till 2:45 AM to do most of it, I started work immediately upon being alert this afternoon, and completed it at 1 PM! WOOHOO! I packed Ayler’s birthday card and birthday SESAME STREET / animal stickers before leaving at 4:30 so I could bus to House of Canton. I JUST MANAGED TO GET THE 407! It might be easier if Mike were still here, he would complain about things having to be on a Sunday as he did last August 18 for small group BBQ at Pastor Dan’s, and he’d definitely rage against the traffic!

I got to the restaurant near a Book Warehouse before everyone else; luckily, my sister had made a reservation. We talked about Hiero possibly knocking things off the table, Hiero taking off his socks (I found one on the floor along with his spoon), Ayler pointing at me after I gave Harmony his birthday stickers, what various people would be to the new baby, Hiero being a flirt and turning on the charm with his laughter and giggles, crab / vegetables / beef / fish / Peking duck (I fed Hiero small shrimp chip pieces), chicken, not having coffee, tea, orange-peach-mango pudding, the “no-screen” rule preventing Jon from watching TV to find out a playoff score, triple-parked cars in the parking lot, and Heather. Also discussed Steph and my thinking that Sean had had a baby when it was really Wilson Chiu, Karen Grace being in town for her brother’s baby boy’s 100 Days Celebration (James is at least a solid name), Margaret L., Yelp “bad service” reviews, Hiero being interested in the flowers on my shirt, Ayler walking around, Erin, Ben, and THE PARENTS CALLING MIKE FOR COMPUTER SUPPORT AT LEAST ONCE POST-BREAKUP! WHAT THE HECK?! When I got home at 8:40 on a 407, it was definitely time for gin! Time to embrace my inner introvert till Wednesday!

Keratin Complex hairbrush with Nano Technology, Ceramic and Ionic:


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