Steve L. shows up in my dreams! / Semagic limit?! / The Yoga Test

I had a dream where Steve L. (wrathchild, who lives in Adelaide) was in a wheelchair, and was meeting his long-distance girlfriend (also in a wheelchair) from Vancouver over Christmas. We were in a food competition, but had to hunt for our accessible table before we could watch TV with everyone else in the crowd. The table had a sign which clearly denoted that it was for us, and we had a good time just busing around beforehand.

In other news, I didn’t know that Semagic had a posting limit! I was trying to post the ghost stories and Doctor Unheimlich memes elsewhere, and came up against a client error message that I couldn’t post anymore for an hour! I’m guessing that it’s to prevent spam, but COME ON! It was in my own community!

You Are Grounded

You take everything in life as it comes, and you aren’t one to try to fight against the tide.
You have a great deal of endurance, and you never push yourself too hard. You only do what you are capable of.

Your greatest strength is your calm. You have the will and wisdom to get through anything with grace.
You are constantly both easing into the world and gaining strength from it. You know how to get the most done with the least amount of effort.

That’s right – I’m efficient without wasting a lot of time!

Nero chocolate!

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