City Square Mall, dandelions, dish drainers, Maisie, escalators, Huskie, jellybeans

Kaili (empress_kailee) deleted me from Facebook; okay, then! I’d said last night that I’d help Harmony with the boys today, so off I went in the morning, just managing to get the 401 after rushing myself to throw out the old dish drainer and other things in the ten minutes before I left! I did leave myself JUST enough time to prevent a lot of mad scrambling, at least… Mike never would have, since he always claimed that he had no time for that. Everything seemed to be an emergency with him! Ayler seemed happy to see me, and we played with his shape puzzle and Mr. Potato Head for a while before walking around the suite. He has a “communication binder” with Velcro pictures of what he might want (bacon / coconut water / peas / many other things), which is a good thing! Then he wanted to make a game out of knocking my hat off my head before climbing on me.

I fed Ayler some cheese, peas, coconut water, toast, and other things before turning to my own lunch of congee with meat and bones. Ayler can definitely walk without support now (but I did hold his hands at times), and is smart enough to know how to turn a laptop on! I had to distract both him and Hiero from various things, but that comes with the territory! Later, I played with Hiero for a while before feeding him eggs / toast / cheese, which he kept dropping on the floor. He wanted to chew my red bling sweater and the puzzle pieces, play with a pink hanger, play with the MEOW musical piano, open / close drawers, and show me his worried expressions with a furrowed brow! Ayler wouldn’t sleep, even with my sitting outside the door so he could see me. However, I did administer his medicine via syringe to him, making sure that he could take it in three presses. He’s comfortable with me, and I have expertise, hahaha! Harmony and I talked about my GRAMMAR NAZI pin, Steph and Lisa moving to Delta or Langley (perhaps underestimating the amount of help they’ll need with the new baby), the nice weather outside, and Ayler’s potty training going better these days.

After leaving the house at 2, I went to the Mount Pleasant Library, but there were no interesting bargain books. On the way there, the “different woman” Maisie saw me – since I was in “introvert” mode, I only politely talked to her for a few minutes. She wanted to know whether I still went to Fellowship, so I told her that David Fellowship had disbanded last September 1, which was the same day that Mike had impatiently wanted us to take the escalator instead of the elevator at Broadway / Commercial Skytrain Station since he’d be there for me – that wasn’t the point! Then she asked if there was any hiking this summer… dude, I just TOLD you that there WAS no more David Fellowship! She asked if I’d seen Andrea (“once or twice”) and whether she had kids (“at least one”), how many kids Jon or Dylan had (“two each”), if the kids were boys or girls, and wanted to know my nephews’ names and Dylan’s kids’ names. I deliberately pretended to misunderstand her, saying that Dylan lived in Richmond now, and then abruptly said that I had to go. I didn’t mind being vague with her, of course. Good thing I got away when I did, because I just managed to get the 9 Alma bus to Broadway!

I also went to City Square Mall briefly today (including a short stop on the outside steps since I’d needed to rest) to kill the memory dragon of when Mike and I had gone there last August 8, trying to meet up with Lena and Robin. He’d been way too impatient in waiting for a reply from Lena, only giving her about ten or fifteen minutes before we went on to our next tasks. PEOPLE HAVE LIVES, Y’KNOW?! I’ve been wanting to get a new white Rubbermaid dish drainer for a while now since the old one is really dirty (not just because Mike touched it a lot in 2014 – I know…), so I went to London Drugs later to do just that. I also bought a new white Rubbermaid cutlery tray (replacing my old dirty green one), on-sale Charmin toilet paper [5 September 2014], and a new coffee cup to replace the dirty one. I’ll have to buy toilet paper and other things (by) myself now… *sigh* [November 28, 2014]

Then I got home at 3:35 (managing to just get a 407 home from Brighouse), skipping Awana in favor of having enough non-rushed time to do stuff like blogging / putting stuff away / throwing things out before the hockey game. I think I’ll resign early from Awana for “personal reasons” (lack of true commitment), since it was an impulse decision to do that in the first place, although it’s ironic in view of Mike’s wanting me to drop my commitments instantly last November 7! (“Don’t you want to spend time with me?!” Yes [and that was probably an attempted guilt trip…], but I have A COMMITMENT on Saturday afternoons, and you KNOW it. “If we go at 7-8 AM, we can be back in time for that!” We never did that!) Let’s say that things had worked out with the two of us; Stateside time on Saturdays would technically be doable now, but considering he thought that 7 AM was a non-negotiable time, that was definitely not respectful of my needs. I see now that he would have wanted things his way almost all the time.

When I saw the white dandelions at my place, I was reminded of Mike wondering why the white flowers grew next to the yellow ones all the time last May 6; the “white flowers” were dandelion seeds, and the “yellow flowers” were dandelions themselves! I can’t believe he didn’t KNOW that, HAHAHAHA! I somehow got egg on my socks, so those definitely went into the laundry hamper as soon as I got home! Vancouver’s last game of the season was against Edmonton at 7 tonight; it was GINO ODJICK NIGHT, there were two goals in 11 seconds from the Oilers, Sven Baertschi had two goals, the game went into overtime (giving the Canucks a 100-point season), and ALEX EDLER SCORED TO MAKE IT A 6-5 WIN AND A TEAM 101-POINT SEASON! Next stop: THE PLAYOFFS AGAINST THE CALGARY FLAMES ON WEDNESDAY! Chris Higgins and his girlfriend also had a new baby yesterday at 6 PM!

Random stuff from Mom: Uncle Ben’s Fast and Fancy rice (Fine Herb and Wild x2), a huge Carnaby mint red candy cane from Shoppers Drug Mart, True Crime Stories (Max Haines) [which I already have], a Carnaby spider web lollipop from Shoppers Drug Mart, assorted mints (one from Dignity / Funeral Home), assorted hard candy, and hard Chinese “gold nugget candy.” Most of that stuff went into the trash, except for the rice. The candy would have gone to Mike if we were still together, of course.

A Rubbermaid space-saver dish drainer!

Huskie?! Like the DOG?!

Lashika? Makes me think of lashing out, which is also something that Mike did with increasing regularity!

Cozzell? Makes me think of “cozy Zellers”…

Santanna? Definitely too close to Satan. Also makes me think of suntans and Santana.

Shawntal? Maybe it’s the lighting, but I’m surprised she’s not black. That name would be bad, black or white.

Jelly Belly jellybeans!


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