Happy Siblings Day! / The truth about my relationship with Mike / Art exhibitions

Steph called me at 7:30 to wish me a Happy Siblings Day, since her Facebook timeline is filled with those kinds of posts. We talked about Ayler walking now, Hiero’s personality being different than Ayler’s, Chrystal being out of her program now, Maxine and Tim going to last night’s game with Joshua and Keenan for their first Canucks game (yay for her sister Felicity!), her and Lisa going to the game since they had tickets from white Eric, Mike’s turning into his bullying narcissistic dad (I’m sure she sees those in her line of work!), and her being on desk work already at her job. Also talked about their possibly moving to Delta or Langley, the chocolate Easter bunnies, a clean break in the relationship, Mike’s ignoring me at Brighouse Station, Mike’s blaming me for everything, crying, Cindy, Dianne, and their brother Tony having another kid.

Conversed about her not going to the last dinner because of the pinkeye and flu situation, the fight at Tony and Trish’s wedding, Mike “needing” to help the wedding party pack up (he should have checked with me!), his communication issues and living life at the last minute (leading to his road rage), Mike’s need to control time (seething at slight transit delays when we were going to BLAKE’S ART EXHIBITION!), Mike’s road rage, and his believing that I thought going to the States was a hassle. At least I’m independent, learning about myself, and getting happy!

Royal Academy’s summer art exhibition:


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