Bombay Sapphire gin, meeting Laurie Ellis at Boston Pizza, chicken cacciatore

OF COURSE IT WOULD BE CLEAR WEATHER TODAY! Ugh! Just my luck! I could have waited a day to buy all that stuff from yesterday!

When I went out at 6 to meet Laurie Ellis from the Fearsome Vancouver Canucks Fans tonight, I wore my one and only Canucks jersey, which Michael had liked on June 18, 2013. First, I went to the bank (which was still open past 6) to activate my new debit card; it turned out that my old one expires in April (every five years), and Coast Capital tries to send the new ones a little early. Good, because I was slightly worried about weird charges or theft with that envelope! Then I went to London Drugs to get two on-sale peanut butter and chocolate Russell Stover Easter bunnies, four on-sale Russell Stover milk chocolate Easter bunnies (one of which broke during the evening somehow – I’ll be replacing it tomorrow), and store brand invisible tape x4. After I went to the liquor store to get some Bombay Sapphire gin (grapefruit Squirt or tonic water won’t be available this time from a judgmental person!), I quickly went inside Boston Pizza.

Laurie and I met up at Boston Pizza at 6:45 for the Canucks game against the Avalanche, which started at 7. I had told her that unlike my ex, I definitely do NOT wait outside restaurants for people. She was inside already, and she thanked me for all the work I do on that Facebook group page. We talked about her Vancouver Canucks stickers, cats, dogs, a king-size bed, Tampa Bay, Palm Springs, cruises, her 33-year-old niece, her 36-year-old nephew, her turning 61 this year, her brother, cider, going gluten-free, the NHL playoffs, NCAA March Madness, my Boston Royal pizza without onions, credit cards, and weird commercials. Conversed about my editing Holly’s books since September 2013, her buying Holly’s books (but Barnes and Noble wouldn’t take her Canadian credit card), Brad’s negativity, phone data / airplane mode / wi-fi, my having sliders ONCE before, beer, Birch Bay, Whistler, and her 41-day Florida cruise.

Also discussed my growing up here in Richmond, her dad yelling at her for wanting to know hockey rules, tennis, Federer, Jim Sikorski being her longtime friend, her packing for the trip, salsa, onions, peppers, her aspirin not working for her headache, and her needing to buy things at London Drugs after we ate. The game ended in a 4-1 loss, not helped by bad play or a Colorado empty-net goal in the last minute or so. She asked if I needed a ride anywhere, but I was fine after I told her about the London Drugs stairs! At least I didn’t have to wait too long for the 407, and got home at 9:55! I also discovered that one of the Russell Stover milk chocolate bunnies got broken somehow during the course of the evening. If Mike were still here, I’d give it to him – since he’s not, I’ll just throw it out since I dislike milk chocolate, and it would be a hassle to try returning it. I’ll get another one tomorrow at Price Smart…

Chicken Cacciatore!

Laurie Ellis:

Grapefruit Squirt:


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