The perfect person, flyers, dates, and two years since adding Mike / laundry tokens

I got this gem of wisdom from Reddit: “Even if you meet the perfect person, that just means they’re perfect for you at that particular place and time, based upon the 95% of them that you know about. There’s no guarantee that things won’t go to shit in the future.” That describes my relationship with Mike when we met in 2013: he was relatively perfect until his anger issues, gaslighting, threats, lies, and manipulation were evident!

It’s been exactly two years since I added Mike to Facebook, and two years since the system of FLAT green laundry tokens came into play around this apartment complex. Life can change a lot in one or two years, for sure! Vancouver played Arizona today at 5, and it was a 3-1 win, thanks to Henrik Sedin’s empty-net goal in the last minutes of the game! Jacob Markstrom picked up his first win! Winning back-to-back road games is great! 😀

I saw a Price Smart flyer ($1 Sidekicks at a GOOD TIME of the month for once!), and I thought that the advertised dates of March 20-26 were NEXT WEEK instead of RIGHT NOW, so I’d have to call Barry tomorrow to reschedule. I’m LOSING IT because of DEMENTIA! At least I made sure to get a quarter from my wallet to put on top of my shopping list and forms, to prevent a mad scramble at the last minute on Wednesday when I might not be fully awake! (unlike Michael, who probably wouldn’t do such a thing…)

When Janina mentioned having a few pop boxes full of plastic bags in her house, I was reminded of the times when Mike would buy 12-packs of pop on our trips to the States. I saw the “I’m hunting elephants in the supermarket” picture later, and was reminded of the time that I bumped into Uncle Cho Kai and Auntie Anna at Richmond Centre on April 9, 2012! Then I was listening to THE LEGENDS OF CLASSIC ROCK WITH JEFF WOODS, which was about Australian musicians. Cold Chisel was featured on the show, which reminded me of the time on 18 June 2014 when I exposed Mike to their music!

Spanish and Vietnamese rice with seafood and sausage!

Sarcasm: The body’s natural defense against STUPID.

Keep calm and love Vancouver!

Does anyone else have a plastic bag full of other plastic bags somewhere in their house, or is it just me?

Janina’s Coke box full of plastic bags:

I hate when people see me at the supermarket, and they are like, “Hey, what are you doing here?” and I’m just like, “Oh, you know, hunting elephants.”

Would you like a bag for all these groceries? No, I’ll just put everything in my pocket.




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