Barry forgetting to call me back, Eric, Subway, Chili Club Mix now open, Khatari, Gen

I called Barry at 12:20, and he said he’d call me back in ten minutes. He forgot, so I had to call him back an hour later. Shades of Mike! Anyway, I set up a food shopping appointment for next Wednesday at noon; yes, I should bring the tax forms and the rent increase forms! Now that I think about it, Wrath Gordon might have been the perfect alternate name for Mike. He wouldn’t even have to change his last name!

Eric called me at 7:30 from Subway – yikes! LATE! Pastor Dan and Sharon brought pecan pie tonight to small group, so I got a chance to have pie with everyone, WITHOUT MIKE! WOOHOO! I brought the leftover Spring Pastel Easter eggs and the Dan-D-Pak Chili Club Mix container so someone could help me open the square lid. After Dylan ate half a chili pepper (so THAT was why Mike had had a “water! fuck!” reaction over Facebook messages in July 2013!), he begged me to take the entire thing home while drinking some milk. Sure, why not?

We discussed my Spanish peanuts from last time, JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS (Vicky’s never heard of them OR of Soundgarden…), Dylan and Deb selling the house (but they just bought it last year!) and moving again, volunteering, Vicky and Jason’s upcoming trip, Dan accidentally emailing Dylan when he meant to email his SON with the same name, text messages, grief, Romans, Burnaby, and Eric driving tomorrow while feeling better from the weekend. On the way home, I told Eric that I’d be seeing my sister on the 29th, so he could email her (it’s global in case she’s still in Arizona) or drop off the hockey tickets here before then. He and I also discussed DAY NINE, FINAL FANTASY IV, video game music, and Youtube. If the group uses my place again for April’s meetings, it’s probably going to make me think of the time last May 21-22 when they came over for small group before Mike came over to spend some quality time with me.

Khatari?! Like ATARI?!

Gen?! Like Jen, but with a G? I swear, I’d misread that as GEM.

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