No more orange juice, sauces, Pot Hole Filler, or Grand Marnier! / Cake Pop Test

I finished or threw away the yellow Marukan rice vinegar from December 9, noodles, macaroni, the Kimlan soy sauce from December 30 (our breakup day), some lip balm, the chili oil / chili crisp from last July 24, the taco seasoning, Melinda’s XXXXtra Reserve hot sauce from 14 September 2013, the Coffee Crisp, the Submission hot sauce from 10 August 2013, the blue MaxFresh toothpaste, the Winco / Fred Meyer habanero Tabasco sauce from 27 December 2013, some hand sanitizer, the orange juice which I was NOT overcharged for on 14 October 2014 (Mike’s Facebook messages of “why do you suddenly need that much juice?!” [ten litres] were NOT helpful that evening!), a can of Seawave salmon, Howe Sound Pot Hole Filler which I got on the Ritzy wigs DEMAND day (October 30), and a pink tub of Excel White gum. Then I also finished Mike’s Christmas 2014 present of Grand Marnier, now that I know what he really thinks of me. Yep, I threw everything out when I was done! I’m totally keeping his 2013 Christmas present of a jar opener, though. (unless I can get to a Canadian Tire and buy one for myself!)

You Are Easygoing

You know how to have fun, but it’s usually just your kind of fun… you’re all about being laid-back.
You are easy to get along with, and hard to ruffle. You have an immunity to drama.

You don’t try to make things happen – you just let them happen. You make room for opportunity, and it just seems to come your way.
You aren’t a fan of conflict, and you try to find a middle road whenever possible. You find good practical compromises.

I wish I could have found a compromise with Mike, but that wasn’t possible. Too bad that he wasn’t more forgiving and understanding!

Pozole soup!


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