Sticker decoration, replacement can openers / kitchen shears, a 3-2 win

Neighbors from Hell – I saw this on Reddit in the morning!

When I got to Jon and Harmony’s at about 11 this morning, I decided to give the Quality Street chocolates to Harmony, who definitely appreciated those and the heads-up about the Awana Spring Break next week! The chocolates have been here in this “too hot” apartment since Feb. 18, after all. She said that Jon’s Spring Break week from Tom Lee is the week afterwards; since I don’t have to go over to their place on the 21st (a two-week break!), I made a “need ride from Martin!” reminder note to myself on an index card when I got home. Ayler liked decorating my hand with his zoo animal stickers, pinched me a few times (“no – be gentle!”), and he also liked climbing up on the rocking chair to play with the window blinds. Hiero did like my red bling sweater, and made cute noises while grabbing at it. I had a weird food combination for lunch: macaroni and cheese, “spicy” Shanghai noodles, mushrooms, and eggplant! The orange Glasslock container for the water crackers reminded me of the times when Mike would bring his blue Glasslock container over here: BACARDI 151 GUMMI BEARS!

I also learned that Ayler’s potty training reward is Harmony blowing bubbles in the bathroom – hey, whatever works! He seems to be growing more comfortable with it now, too! When Ayler was eating lunch (milk / egg / avocado / cheese / Shanghai noodles / a pork chop which he LOVED more than his favorite of cheese?!), he tried feeding some to a crawling Hiero! I was doing dishes at the time, and Harmony told me to look since it was so cute – I agreed! Harmony said that Ayler likes junk food as well, so she can’t open a bag of chips in privacy anymore! (not that those things are QUIET, anyway…) Then she asked whether I had any seasonal allergies: nope, I don’t suffer from those at all. I’m lucky, she says! She wondered whether I’d talked to Chrystal lately because we seem to be good friends; well, her work said she wouldn’t be back till March, so maybe I’ll try there in a week or so. I need to update her on the breakup… ugh. If only Mike had decided differently, or just WAS different overall! Maybe if I had said “yes, I do want to work things out” a few weeks ago, he would have copied that as well. Then again, probably not. Forgiveness and reconciliation are probably not in his vocabulary, or maybe I don’t understand him.

Then I went to London Drugs after getting The Taggerung (Brian Jacques) from the library for fifty cents. I spent almost $40 on two black EKCO can openers to replace the ones which Mike had last touched (I know…), an envelope, Scotch heavy-duty shipping tape for the memory dragon (I had given one to Mike when I’d last visited his place on April 4-5, 2014 when we’d had a “mock argument” as he’d recorded me), 100 index cards, orange-flavored Tic-Tacs (Mike had told and showed me on October 5 that they aren’t really orange… they’re white!), gum, replacement black EKCO kitchen scissors / kitchen shears for the heavy-duty black ones which I’d bought from Sears on September 27, 2010 since Mike had used them (I know…), and a Coffee Crisp. At church, I decided to give the two 500g containers of Carnaby cinnamon hearts to Natalie and her friends even though nobody eats them. (I know that and you know that – my mom doesn’t!) Gabriel, Sabrina, Auntie Vivian, and I discussed the Awana dues / the cute Hong Kong stuffed animals / more Awana Grand Prix / no handbook time, so I could leave early. Getting the snacks and dues done faster than usual allowed me to leave by 5, which was fine by me because of the Canucks game later. (Chris waved to me, I said hi to Rich / Cousin Wilson, and I talked to Auntie Ada and Pastor Edward)

I got home at 6 to find that J. Truman Ostler had added me to Facebook; I do know him from the Fearsome Vancouver Canuck Fans group, but he doesn’t like punctuation – DENIED! From Mom: eight tiny too-sweet hard candies and 57 grams of SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS crispy chocolate hearts. Uncle Andrew’s office had also called me, presumably to remind me about Tuesday’s dentist appointment with Sean. Vancouver had a rematch with San Jose at 7, and it (surprisingly?) ended in a 3-2 win. Patrick Marleau somehow MISSED a totally wide-open net, hahaha! Now, it’s time to brush my teeth since these candies probably contained a lot of sugar! At least I brush my teeth more regularly than Mike ever did when he was here! (“every 12 hours” was an eventual LIE!)

Black EKCO kitchen shears or kitchen scissors!

Candy conversation hearts as mini-cakes!


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