Pining for the fjords, Josh! / 6-2 loss to San Jose / Reddit SnoopSnoo word cloud

“I want my tombstone to say ‘I’m pining for the fjords’ because that’s a great line from MONTY PYTHON.” – Josh Gaines, July 2003

I called Barry about the Amacon rent increase form this afternoon, but got no answer. Pastor Dan emailed us all about small group tomorrow – let’s just hope I don’t get too emotional again! Vancouver played San Jose at 7 tonight, and Markstrom’s night was pretty short. There were three Sharks goals on four shots in 7:45, so Lack came in for relief. Good thing that Coach Willie told Markstrom that it was just bad luck and not a big deal! However, the game ended in a 6-2 loss (not helped by back-to-back empty-net goals with three minutes and 1:45 left in the game), and the rematch is on Saturday at 7. Now that the game is over, this is a good time to drink that Hermannator Ice Bock beer from December…

I’m not in a relationship with my boyfriend anymore, Reddit SnoopSnoo! Thanks for bringing back the pain and hurt! 😦

Yeah, I still like to read books! But I am NOT a poor communicator, despite what my ex would like to think! I know I posted about his saying that I was one, so that’s where that comes from.

Well, at least my “most common words” cloud acknowledges that I’ve had a breakup… 😦


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