BTK Killer, Plenty of Fish, Erica, condoms, Lena, unhealthy relationships, DRAGON FIRE!

When your father is the BTK serial killer, forgiveness is not tidy

I’ve decided to try a Plenty of Fish profile again; I don’t care if Mike’s sister Erica works for them or not, because I’ll just be another anonymous site user. I deleted mine soon after I went exclusive with Mike on 5 June 2013, although he didn’t get rid of the now-expired condoms in his bedside furniture which went bad in October 2014. I also talked to Lena via FB messages for a while; we discussed my frustration about Mike’s being anal about his precious schedule and time (especially on May 24 and July 12), his thinking I’m “obsessing” over things, his immaturity, his NOT being mature as she’d thought, his not being healthy for me ultimately, how I’d “sabotaged and ruined” his life by telling people about the breakup (what?!), and how it was a GOOD thing that he was never the biological father of Steph and Lisa’s baby! Can you imagine telling the kid, “Your biological father and aunt split up”?! That would be awkward, and I’d probably feel constrained by the biological relationship into staying with Mike. Thank goodness that I never thought Mike was serious about donating his stored sperm from the vasectomy to Steph and Lisa last July 20!

DRAGON FIRE! (I found this on Reddit)


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