Diarrhea, Krista, Vanessa, Holly, Ryan, 5-4 shootout win, ambiverts, GOAT!


Happy Chinese New Year 2015! Year of the Goat / Sheep / Lamb / Ram!

I had diarrhea at 1 PM for some reason; good thing I could sprint to the bathroom, but my black underwear was still a casualty, so I had to throw those away! Good thing that I never had that while Mike was around here, although he would have had to live with it! It’s also a good thing that it didn’t happen while I was in bed on the bare mattress… to his credit, Mike had offered to help since he was just waiting for the Canada Line train, but that was too late! I talked to Krista, Vanessa, and Holly as well about my feelings / Mike being the “tone police” / how things could have been different / meeting him for coffee. All the things which I’ve told Krista remind her of what Ryan has put her through. The Canucks played the Rangers at 4 this afternoon, and Henrik Sedin had two goals! Vancouver and New York went to overtime, then a shootout for the first time between these two teams… VRBATA WON IT 5-4!

You Are 50% Ambivert

You definitely have some ambivert tendencies, although you are likely to lean extroverted or introverted most days.
Of all the types, you are the most likely to consider yourself an introverted extrovert … or an extroverted introvert.

Oh goodness. Mike is an ambivert. When he told me this at his place near the computer room, I thought that wasn’t a real word! He also told me that his exes were gold-diggers; I should have been more focused on the “I’m an INTJ” part of what he was saying, instead of vowing to myself that I’d never be one to him!


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