Basmati rice, green curry, gnocchi, brand new stainless steel garbage can, Eric Ho, 5-2 win over Bruins

I went out at 3:10, but the traffic was VERY SLOW because of some sort of accident. Mike would have been pissed off, and insisted that we walk, for sure! At Price Smart, I bought Uncle Ben’s basmati rice (in changed packaging) and a few Asian sponges. They’re not quite the same kind as I got for Michael and myself on 6 July 2013 at the Richmond Public Market, but they’re close enough! Then I got a barely-affordable new stainless steel “Step-On-Me” kitchen 20-litre garbage can for an UPGRADE ($25 – the box barely fit into the largest plastic bag which the store had), Emma gnocchi, and green curry at London Drugs, so I can eat gnocchi like Michael and I did for the last time together on November 28. This means I can also eat basmati rice and green curry in the BIG bowl like Michael and I did last May 15. TWO MEMORY DRAGONS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Got home on a 407 at 4:20 in the rain, and managed to take out the OLD DIRTY TAINTED garbage can from 20 March 2013 all by myself as well! I’ve used it thousands of times in the nearly two years (almost one year and eleven months) that I’ve had it, and I’m sure that Mike used it at least 200 times! Then again, knowing how he was with random clutter…

Chinese Eric called at 6:35 to say that he was ten minutes away from my place, and we could get Subway if I wanted. He wants some healthy stuff after the past few days of eating unhealthy things, haha. When he did come over at 6:50 for the 7 PM game between the Canucks and the Bruins (2011 Stanley Cup final rematch!), I got him to help me take off the annoying plastic thing on my metal measuring cups, then separate them. I didn’t care if he kept the metal ring! Then he asked me for what might be impossible: I emailed Steph to see if she or anyone she knows has a BC Lions program from September 19, 2014 (a Friday) for his cousin’s friend!

We talked about bottled water, my typing, how my day had been, the rainy weather, the bad blood between Vancouver and Boston, his making a half-box of Splendido penne with Paul Newman’s Marinara sauce (which he said wasn’t too sour like some tomato sauces can be) for dinner (and now I miss Mike’s homemade sauce, but it took FOREVER to make…), salt, canola oil to prevent the pasta from sticking together, signing my guestbook, my nice BRAND NEW garbage can, tomorrow’s plans, and his thanking me in advance for his chocolate Lindt Friendship heart. He likes the Lindor stuff! Eric referred to this place as his “second home” and “home away from home,” which is heartwarming! Mike had once referred to this place as “home” last November 25, but then made very sure to say that it had been a mistake or Freudian slip – that had hurt, even if I didn’t say so at the time. Sure, I’d never really wanted to live together or move in with him since we’d get sick of each other all the time, but REALLY?!

He finished his pasta way before I did, which Mike would also do with food when he was here. At least Eric didn’t just leave his dirty bowl on the table for a long time like Michael would have, and actually soaked the pot and the bowl in the sink! He did the dishes later without prompting, complaint, or excuses… SO MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT MIKE WOULD DO! Yeah, HE also did the dishes, but not without at least one of those three things! Of course I thanked Eric for that! Also discussed Zdeno Chara wrestling during the hockey off-season, Corey Hirsch doing the TV sports analysis, the NBA All-Star game and their camouflage uniforms, whether Mike’s been giving me shit lately (you could say that), the Chinese New Year / Steph’s birthday dinner on Sunday, and my meeting Reddit people on Monday at a pub somewhere for beers and hockey. Yup, it’ll be a busy time! I’ll need plenty of alone time, downtime, solitude, and introvert time afterwards… except maybe for Wednesday’s running errands / small group, and Friday’s food shopping!

Conversed about weird golf clothing, Oscars fashion, Tiger Woods, Bruins / Canucks artwork, Friday the 13th as “Black Friday” (no!), Shawn Matthias and his FIRST HAT TRICK, odd commercials, and possible dinner options for tomorrow before Eric left immediately after the game ended at 9:35 since he’d had a long day. I kept thinking about the last time Mike and I ever watched TV together here on Christmas Eve, but that’s to be expected. Holly thinks we can get together for coffee to discuss what went wrong – I’m not in the mood for more blame! Eric and I will see each other tomorrow, and that is just FINE by me! 😀

EDIT AT MIDNIGHT: Jon and Harmony sent me Facebook messages wondering what my plans were for tomorrow. Sure, I can come at 11 AM or thereabouts, but I will have to cancel Awana because Eric Ho is coming over again! (I didn’t tell them about the Awana part) It’s NOT a Valentine’s Day thing, since I already know that he won’t go for his good friends’ sisters!

London Drugs Stainless Steel 30L Satin Garbage Can!

Gnocchi with garlic butter sauce!


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