Asin, drama, no obsession here, 5-4 overtime win, aluminum foil, silicon mitts, FUTURAMA

Someone named Asin S. wanted to add me to Facebook – DENIED, since I don’t even know this Indian guy! I replied to Mandy’s email this morning, of course… “he created DRAMA over FB history and video links?! What a goofball!” That sums it up, and I’m not responding to Mike’s attempted guilt trips where he says he worries about me (WHY? IT HASN’T SNOWED!) or still cares. Even with all the things I have realized in the past six weeks, this doesn’t mean I’m wishing things had gone differently. Sure, I do, in a general sense. If I’d found that other Steveston wig way earlier (in October), things would have been fine for a while… but then it would have been something else. Kathy asked over Facebook messenger if I felt I was obsessing over the chat history, the relationship, or the jacket. No, I don’t. Like everyone else, I just think of the good times, and the bad times as well. I was not giving up on the relationship, but the anger was just too much. Now, if I’m still thinking about it in a year, then yes, maybe that’s obsessive.

Things just take time to get over, which is something that Mike wasn’t able to see, what with his lack of understanding / empathy / tact / compassion! At least now I can play MOTHER 3 (and other games?) without worrying about spoiling things for Mike! Thank goodness that my instincts to throw things out AND get all these replacement items and everything else were correct! I have thrown out the soaps he’d been using for the bathtub AND the sink / his black soap dish / his Sensodyne Brilliant Whitening toothpaste / his nice-smelling dark blue Degree Cool Comfort deodorant / the Glad Saran Wrap / the salt / his toothbrush with holder, and got replacement Vitamin C, bath mat, echinacea, Strepsils, a pill dispenser, cough medicine, salt, pepper, toothpicks, coffee mugs, Advil, air fresheners, Kleenex, and other things. I’m still using the discounted toilet paper from Superstore, though. It’ll be used up slower now that there’s only one person to use it instead of two people! 16 Mega Rolls of Charmin = 64 regular ones! (and 24 double rolls of Cottonelle) I’m just glad that I insisted he get both of them since it was doable!

As for any carelessness on my end, MIKE forgets things all the time as well! I’d gotten my Valentine’s Day card over a month later, and I’d gotten my birthday card along with a timely Christmas card on Christmas Eve. I’m surprised that I’m not still waiting for a Christmas card! (for reference, my birthday is September 17) Did I make a big fuss about that? Nope! Did I ever really make a huge fuss about his being forgetful in general? No, because everyone forgets things! One of the things we have in common is that we both forget things and become somewhat easily distracted. I’ll say that I’m not as easily distracted as he is, though.

After the December 17 dinner with the small group, he came over to take some of my cough medicine (and drop off some stuff) – we were talking, and then he forgot about the medicine until I reminded him two minutes later. Now, he thinks I have “carelessness” in “misplacing things,” and that’s one factor in why we can’t be together. Yes, I remember the time on 29 December 2013 that I forgot my wig at Lynn’s when Mike was running late to meet Robert for dinner at the Quilchena Country Golf Club. However, Mike had assumed that I had it at home, NOT in my wheeled bag… HIS ASSUMPTIONS WERE BAD! Later, he’d said that the $4 gas cost was worth it to spend time with me, even though he’d been frustrated. He’d ALSO told me about this dinner at the last minute, vaguely framing it as a “pasta event”! I had always been annoyed at HIS vague messages!

I hear that Jon Stewart is leaving THE DAILY SHOW; I’m sure that Mike would have had something to say about that if we were still together, haha. The Canucks played the Blackhawks at 5 today, but Chicago got two goals in the last minutes of the game to force overtime, and DANIEL SEDIN SCORED IN OVERTIME FOR A 5-4 CANUCKS WIN! After the game, I finally threw away the aluminum foil which I’d bought on October 21, and also the Gillett’s washcloths which I’d bought on August 5, since Mike probably touched those at some point. (I know) I’m being reasonable about this purge, and not doing it with bowls / forks / knives / spoons / the orange wok / pots / my pink colander / blankets / the comforters / other things YET, if ever. Then I went out at 8:10 to London Drugs to buy replacement metal measuring cups since the KitchenAid ones which I’d bought on the 31st had the wrong measurements (237mL is NOT a full cup!), replacement aluminum foil, a replacement flexible blue silicone Starfrit oven mitt for the two red ones which I’d bought almost two years ago on 1 April 2013 (thank GOODNESS that I didn’t throw away the odd blue mitt in March 2013!) replacement red Scotch household scissors for the white ones on my dining room table which Mike used and misplaced with regularity (HE DOES IT ALSO!), replacement Kortari blue kitchen scissors for the yellow ones which Mike used, and replacement Gillett’s kitchen washcloths / Gillett’s kitchen towels for the ones which I’d bought on 8 March 2013! BEGONE, MIKE! It cost $55.93, but that’s fine! Since I’d JUST missed a 401 by ten seconds (Mike would have been SO PISSED OFF and insisted that we walk the fifteen minutes home!), I waited for a 407 to take me home, and got in at 8:55.

AL TV, Since You’ve Been Gone
Weird Al, One More Minute
Weird Al, I Was Only Kidding
Shiba smiling
Shiba says no
I Want To Become A Shiba Inu! Original (This was the last Shiba Inu video that Mike linked me to in Facebook messenger – this reminded me of old times even then, so I really should have started the archival process that day on December 16, or even the 18th while Mike had been at Lynn’s anyway!)

Kortari blue kitchen scissors or kitchen shears!

FUTURAMA characters!


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