Vanessa, Krista, abuse, Andrew, Mike, Teunis, paranoia

Vanessa called me at 11:45 PM, and we talked till 12:35 AM about Krista’s low self-esteem and the cycle of abuse. We also discussed Jen Scott, elevators, waiting, Krista helping Vanessa with her cheating ex Wayne, Mike’s road rage (“why be there for longer than you have to?” UGH!), BC being high for domestic violence, Vanessa’s boyfriend Jason being much better for her, Mike’s smuggling the Stolichnaya jalapeno vodka across the US border by cramming it at the bottom of a reusable tote bag, Krista’s poor excuses, Mike’s not replying to my polite email, and Mike’s legalistic paranoia about hiding an envelope with a Middle Eastern name on it before we crossed the border. (never mind deleting all “incriminating” text messages on his phone, telling me not to hide things in my purse, etc. etc. – just because they CAN search doesn’t mean they’ll do it to 99% of people!) Brought up the controlling abuse that Krista had suffered at the hands of her vegetarian ex Andrew (he sat on her or on her car to prevent her from going anywhere – and told her that she couldn’t eat meat EVER!), Mike thinking that Andrew had forbidden her from eating ICE CREAM, Vanessa’s cousin enduring abuse, my “lying” about running errands (but I’d fallen asleep instead) being a little white lie and not a major one like cheating that relationship really don’t recover from, Krista and Ryan’s wedding planning reminding me of Korey doing the same thing, and body bags. Conversed about Krista saying that Teunis (winterlion) had a friend who got fired from a job because of me (NOT TRUE AS FAR AS I KNOW!), Teunis claiming that he was being bullied and harassed by Jasmine’s (surrey_sucks) friends because of me (so he had to end our friendship?!), her liking Teunis being how she eventually got out of the relationship with Andrew, and Mike turning into his dad in the end.

If Krista truly wants to get out of the relationship, Vanessa will definitely help her throw Ryan’s stuff out. Vanessa said that Krista’s mom Lisette had married her own stepfather Grant (after setting Krista a bad example when it came to men), and that the marriage is still lasting to this day. It’s not incest, but it IS odd! She thinks I had strength to get out of my two relationships despite my lack of education relative to her or Krista, and did call her out on stuff with no response. Krista’s mom supports her in whatever she does, but there’s something lacking. Vanessa asked me whether last night’s production of FAWLTY TOWERS at the Metro Theatre involved the real John Cleese; nope! She didn’t act nervous at the border when she spent more than her allowance for a day trip to the States yesterday, and neither did her friend. Then she said that she had to go to the gym for a couple of hours early tomorrow, so had to get some sleep. Fair enough! It was good talking to her, for sure!

2014 New Balance limited edition Disney collection of shoes!

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