Losing 5-1 to the Predators! / Eric and congee / Mike, care, and screwdrivers

The Canucks played the Predators at 5 today. Mike sent me an email at 6, wondering if he could pick up his screwdrivers at 8. As I told White Eric in an email about the eight-kilogram bag of Calrose no-rinse rice which I’ve donated to SERVANTS, I was determined to be better-dressed (bling sweater and nice pants instead of sweatshirt / sweatpants!) / better-smelling (shower and deodorant, yo!) / better emotionally than I was on the 5th! [I was also determined to be more sober, but didn’t tell him that, as it would probably have resulted in jokes about “drunk me”] Eric thinks that I can invite Mike over for some make-up congee; cute idea, but I don’t think that would work even if I wanted it to. Besides, Mike would have to cook it himself, which would definitely defeat the whole purpose! Eric doesn’t know how congee works… even if I were to start cooking it at 6:40, it would not be ready by 9!

Then I had to go out to Price Smart on an ultimately fruitless expedition at 7:05, but the buses were efficient, and I got home at 7:40 to find that the Canucks had lost 5-1! Lena’s Facebook status about a Canadian quarter didn’t help my own emotional state, but at least Mike said that 9 would be fine, asking me to “please” turn my phone on so he could call me. Yay for some politeness, I guess? Then I checked to see what was new on OK Cupid, which was pointless. Mike came over at 9, so I was just going to give him his Ziploc bag at the door. It contained what I think could be a computer battery, a “3.5 Stereo Jack to Jack” plug (?) in another Ziploc bag, a Circuit-Test CT-1000 screwdriver, and some other screwdriver. He checked that everything was in there (it was), which is fine. I’d probably do the same thing. I was indeed better-dressed, better-smelling, more sober, and better emotionally than I was on the 5th! We were as careful not to touch tonight as we were then, of course.

But then Mike had to ask about a long blue network cable (“is that yours or mine?”) which Chinese Eric and I had just dumped into my blue storage box because it was clutter; I asked if he wanted to come in to figure that out, and he did. He figured it was his because I already had one, and he had brought his over since he’d been having trouble with the connection here. However, he had to ask me, “I assume you’re doing okay?” I said, “You care?” and his response was “Yes.” So I said that I was doing fine (no crying this time – even though that was the WRONG QUESTION to ask!), and asked how he was doing. Since he said that he was doing fine, that was polite enough for me. Then he thanked me for something – maybe coming in to retrieve the stuff? I don’t know – so I said he was welcome. I told him that he could let me know if there was anything else, but I’m hoping that the lube bottle will be too awkward for that. We bid each other goodnight, then he left. I did notice him looking at my bedroom door for some reason, but chose not to comment on that. Now he’s emailed me to say that he’s still curious about what I’d wanted to do with his dark blue jacket. Somehow, I don’t think “keep it” is the right answer to this one…

Your Winter Scent is Honey

You are sweet, laid-back, and happy to go with the flow in most cases. You adapt well.
You like to take things slowly, and you don’t like to be rushed. You want to enjoy every moment in life – including every winter moment.

You do get along with everyone, and you are very soft-hearted. You don’t rush to judge anyone or anything.
Winter can be a bit harsh, but you take good care of yourself this time of year. You will be better than new come spring.

Unlike Michael, I don’t like to be rushed, AND I don’t rush to judge most of the time!

Puerto Rican rice!

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