Birthday cards, Arizona iced tea, pasta sauce, 3-2 win over the Islanders, lube, Corey

Before the game, I went to London Drugs at 4:45 and bought the replacement birthday cards for Elysse and Hiero (and wrote in them when I got home), a replacement Arizona mango green iced tea, plus some more steel wool to replace the stuff Mike had last touched. (I know, I know) I also got almond milk and two on-sale Paul Newman pasta sauces since I’ll need those now: Marinara and Five-Cheese, all with cash. Good thing I had plenty of SOS pads in two boxes already, so I had no need to buy those! Can’t say the same of Asian sponge scrubbers from Richmond Public Market (some of which I’d also bought Mike in July 2013), but I’m sure I can buy those some other time! At least I got back at 5:10 on the 407!

I showered and started laundry before settling in. The Canucks played the New York Islanders tonight at 7. Talked to Corey on Gmail chat about the breakup with Mike, his being at Disneyland for New Year’s Eve, a Taiwanese earthquake as he was typing, Mike’s anger issues and disrespect, “wrecking” Jane’s schedule, bras, cooling off, expensive private lessons at McDonalds with “unlimited buy one get one free drinks,” my inexperience, lube, and his being back later. Vancouver won 3-2 in Eddie Lack’s first start since December 17! PHEW!

Lucas and Boney check out Osohe Castle’s former party room: “For some reason, only the keyboard of this grand piano is bright and shiny.”

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