No black soap dish! / Why did things have to end? Your anger!


I threw away Mike’s black soap dish with soap on it / Mike’s shower soap / the brown Value Village steampunk jacket (which I perhaps should have kept) / the LIFE cough medicine which Mike was the only one to use. I’ll return the Buckley’s cough medicine which I got for Mike on Christmas Eve to London Drugs later with the receipt, and then get another kind. Then I called Steph to let her know that I wouldn’t be going to lunch since I’d just gotten up before 11. She apparently had just told Mom, “I think Sarne and Michael just broke up,” which is fine. Mike would say that would be awkward, humiliating, and embarrassing – not really. It just hurts, is all. True awkward humiliating embarrassment is catching your husband cheating on you!

Pastor Dan, Sharon, Vicky, Dylan, and Deb emailed me back with prayers for healing and such, which is fine. It’ll take time! Now I have free time to do whatever I want, without worrying about time-sensitive issues! Mandy emailed me back to say “Ugh – whatever to him!” and some other stuff. Then Mike emailed me to say that all he’d wanted to do was buy me a nice new wig to replace the crappy one from Ritzy (when he DEMANDED things, and thought that what I was doing on Facebook wasn’t important at all), so why did things have to end like this? He says that breakups become official when they’re publicized, and he couldn’t stop the tears when asked about me, although he says he never verbally told anyone. (so now news is spreading on his side – OH NO! *sarcasm*) I said that I was sorry that things had had to end like this (to be civil), and it was too bad that we didn’t have one of those memory-erasing devices like in ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND or MEN IN BLACK. Then he blamed his poor decisions and onsite work NOT keeping him calm, plus his overloaded mind. Next time, don’t do onsite work that’s supposed to be off-site! It won’t help us NOW to say that this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t done the onsite work with an overloaded mind, of course! Mike just does not handle stress well, and I can’t deal with that!

He wants what we had, but it’s gone forever. Yeah, and I say that there were a lot of little things leading up to this, including his anger issues. Our relationship didn’t just SUDDENLY DIE the other day! I just wanted him to be patient and not rude! Mike knew that we’d had something special (and he had valued it) during the holidays, through watching TV together on Christmas Eve, napping together in the basement on Christmas, and through sleeping all day over here on Boxing Day. So he tried telling himself not to let things escalate while driving to my place on the 30th. Well, they did because he said “so now you’re pushing me to come over here IN PERSON?!” Then he tried to stop the breakup from happening when he had calmed down later, which probably explains the numerous calls from him on my phone later on that afternoon, when I wasn’t in the mood to talk to him. It’s happened, so there’s nothing much else to do!


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