Yamaha Modules, tone generators, winning 5-0 against Columbus, hidden sign

Mike and I discussed his having fun with the “dirty” things on the TSN 1040 broadcast (“two young healthy bodies” / “threesomes”), UTorrent, CPU-Z, eBay, Yamaha Modules and Tone Generators, medicine, heart issues, Paypal, Nicole Kidman, his client’s computer and dropping it off tomorrow before Great-Aunt Zoe’s party (she called to say that he’d left the antenna there!), shopping at Superstore later, Ohio, eating Splendido bowtie pasta with tomato sauce, milk, spaghetti, fancy clothes, DRAGON QUEST VI plot tropes, and toilet paper. The Canucks won 5-0 against the Blue Jackets; back-to-back shutouts for Ryan Miller! We also talked about (breath) mints, tomorrow’s breakfast (macaroni and cheese to use up the milk?), his impatience and not having time for anything, an Atlas Regina pasta extruder, his taking a shower ten minutes after I did (good timing on my part for a non-steamy experience!), Anthony Bourdain, a $6000 pasta machine on Youtube, and leaving my phone on in case he called from Superstore. He left at 9:45, but I got a bonus goodbye kiss since he had to retrieve his umbrella because it was raining outside!

Splendido bowtie pasta!

In Chapter 4, this is the hidden sign near Flint’s House, thanks to Walk-Through-Walls: “Be sure to talk to frogs once in a while.”


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