Boundaries, Mirek, snoring, bad jokes, high school, Parrot Myrna and unsavory words

Mike got home at 10:35 PM last night, and we watched TWO AND A HALF MEN. Then he and I talked about Jeremy’s mortar and pestle, the Knorr hot and sour soup packets, the Ling Ling potstickers (NOT dumplings!) being from TEXAS of all places, trying out said potstickers (which included three or four sauce packets for Mike to warm up in some water), THE DAILY SHOW, Japan’s Meanest Dog on Youtube Part 1, my showering every other day, and my smelling good then. We discussed having a no-notice dinner at FATTY HI with his dad, cursive writing, signing the latest card pile, Japan’s Meanest Dog on Youtube Part 2, his making bad jokes about miscarriages, Claire, Mirek, “bloot,” exes, personal stuff, his pretending to be a Shibe, his forgetting the laptop tools / rubber gloves / earplugs (of course…), my snoring, snorting, his missing freezer bag (it’s not here!), the “WIENER SONG,” and bidding each other goodnight. Also talked about his being uncomfortable in the cramped bed (so of course he switched to the couch), consent, his stomach, his high school memories, gay jokes, my farting a lot, SOUTH PARK songs, double names like Ling Ling, Winnie in Hong Kong, trying to stick to his own family boundaries, testosterone, estrogen, the family Christmas gift exchange, and leaving at some point. When I got up at 9:45, he had indeed left, although I’d heard him trying to be quiet.

Ling Ling potstickers from Costco!

Scamp to Flint: “You weren’t the one who taught my cute little Myrna all those unsavory words, were you?” That’s NOT unsavory!


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