Cooked pudding Kit-Kats, Inigo Montoya, Rush, headphones, TV Tropes, hand files

Mike and I discussed Mandarin, actually cooking the pudding Kit-Kats (I luckily found Melissa’s instructions in my web history), the news, doing him a favor by putting on the Youtube video for Rush’s CLOCKWORK ANGELS full album while he cleaned up the kitchen last night, ramen poutine, wintermelon with pork in a fish broth, ketchup in Chinese cooking, Weird Al parodies, Italy, JON STEWART, Tim Horton’s doughnuts, bringing in frozen food to heat it up, and GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Then we talked about the Kinks’ LOLA, Thai ladyboys, his own parody lyrics to THE WRECKERS, other Rush songs (MALIGNANT NARCISSISM / SUPERCONDUCTOR / THE ENEMY WITHIN / DISTANT EARLY WARNING / WISH THEM WELL), THE PRINCESS BRIDE (Inigo Montoya!), red lights on my computer, trusting him with passwords, refusal to do certain things, and opening my living room window when he went to sleep on the couch since it had apparently been excruciatingly hot.

In the morning, we conversed about not having Tea-Smoked Duck since Jeremy’s place isn’t that well-ventilated, Geddy Lee, coffee, snuggling, Rush parodies on AmIRight.com, weapons of mass destruction, his being a bloot, his pretending to be a Shibe, Kitsu, Unintentional Period Piece on TV Tropes, GRACE UNDER PRESSURE, our not having enough of HIS PREFERRED MILK for White Cheddar with Broccoli Sidekicks, Rush Limbaugh (he thinks I’m pronouncing it wrong with a G), $20 for JOY dumplings (and Marukan yellow vinegar?) at Big Crazy, being crazy, Schadenfreude in PHOENIX WRIGHT, cyberpunk, and putting SHADOWRUN for the SNES on my SNES9x emulator. Talked about prostitution, Bill C-36, money for REED, restrictions, eating fried dumplings instead of Sidekicks, sesame oil, my crying ambiguity, whether I was okay, potstickers, sushi, Rush forums, message boards, foot fetishes, Wiki Feet, and a Disney movie called PETE’S DRAGON.

Discussed his coming back on Sunday afternoon at 3 or 4, (Parmesan / cheddar) cheese, Amazon, male-to-female connectors, headphones, Superstore, Price Smart, store flyers, sales, sriracha rooster sauce, margarine, PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON, boiling meat in a bag, meat being expensive, bacon, candy, having more pudding Kit-Kats, Q-Tips, and earwax. Talked about George Washington on Youtube, his doing the dishes before he left, my whisk, his buying crushed tomatoes or tomato paste since I “overpay,” Ningtu Restaurant, Lynn, helping himself to stuff, his taking a shower, a Free Geek computer swap meet which he missed (but there’s going to be one next month), walking to Oak Street from Lynn’s for hours of exercise, refinement, the constant red lights on my computer tower meaning that the hard drive is reading something, my computer clock consistently losing time, Clorets, mints, more pasta, and perogies. I don’t mind if he keeps the garlic, garlic press, Ziploc bag, and the remainder of the chili peppers here if we can make use of the garlic next week!

Mike says that putting the garlic in a sealed bag is a mistake; he did that once, and it died! He wondered whether I’d answer the phone if he called; sure, unless I’m not home or something! Before he left at 5:30, I told him that I expected him to be understanding if sex didn’t work at times! Then I tried the Fanny Bay oysters, which actually tasted DECENT unlike the previous two times where I had to RETURN them, so YAY! Mike then knocked at the door at 5:45 since he’d forgotten a bag. I got a bonus goodbye kiss and the bag of oregano (which is NOT marijuana!) out of the deal, so it was fine.

Flint in the Tazmily jail… Inside the apple, there was a Hand File!

A cover from Rush’s CLOCKWORK ANGELS tour:

A measuring cup which can measure half a human brain!


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