Brett and Dustin / Pizza parties and introversion / Kaitlin, NetDave, Jasmine, Kevin, etc.

I’ve discovered through Xenia that Brett’s Facebook has been reactivated, then I sent a Facebook message to Fiann to see whether Dustin has deleted his account since I couldn’t get to it from there. Yes, that was correct from what he tells me, and he’ll be back in a few months. My usual overanalysis was premature!

Eric M. sent us an email invitation for a pizza party on the 23rd right after Sunday School, but that is really a means to discuss the post-David Fellowship era. I thought he had a hockey game to go to, which I think would be more acceptable for his introversion before cooking at Jeremy’s later in the afternoon. I’d try scheduling that meeting on a Sunday where I didn’t have any other obligations afterward! Doesn’t he get DRAINED from being around people a lot, especially from 9 AM to 11 PM?! I definitely would, and I do confess that it’s a secondary reason why I left Awana early on Saturday, even if it wasn’t as bad as 14 hours “on”! Of course, my nephews require interaction as well, so that drains the batteries somewhat even if I don’t talk all the time when I let them play as I watch them carefully! People should be more watchful of their own inner batteries! Ugh!

Some of my ex-friends!

NetDave (Dave Kyle) and Jasmine Cochlin:

Rob Martin Sampare:

Kevin Gormley:

Tuomas Kiiskinen:

Kaitlin Olson, who wanted to be called Johnny or Johan at one point:

Brandi Meszaros:

A chocolate chip cookie birthday cake from Wikihow:

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