Cyberpunk, missing me, SHADOWRUN, not being drunk, no Kevin G. or Marty, my Halloween name

At least I got Mike to admit that he’s missed me as well while we were discussing emotions, cyberpunk, SHADOWRUN, meeting at noon at Brighouse today, and the steampunk goggles / hat / jacket over Facebook messages last night! I also got to tell him that he was being demanding, haha. He thought that I was drunk since I said that I’d never see him again after this! “Why are you talking like that? I’ve missed you, too – I’ve just had a lot going on.” Yeah, I do realize that, but still. Oh well. “Come with me tomorrow – you can see me then, and it will be fun.” We’ll see, I guess!

This morning, I woke up at 11:15, so naturally rushed to take a shower. Then I found out that Mike couldn’t contact Uncle Lawrie, so there was no point in leaving at noon. At least I have some more time to eat and do stuff online! I also found out that Kevin Gormley unfriended me, and one of Wesley’s friends named Catherine Study added me. Okay, then… while that was going on, I decided to unfriend Marty Donnelly as well. I only knew him through Kevin Gormley, anyway!

Edit at 1: NOW Mike says that Robert’s offered us a ride at 3:30. Since he doesn’t know where his uncle is (which isn’t important anyhow), we might as well take it. FINE BY ME!


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