28 Cool Russian Names, finishing Unheimlich, Corey on Facebook, Velveeta shells and cheese

Top 28 Cool Russian Names: Dazdraperma, Dazdranagon, Traktor, Iskra, Vaterpezhekosma, Kukutsapol, Avanchel, Diktatura, Ideya, Uryurvkos, Luna, Raketa, Energiya, Zolushka, Rossiya, BOCH pVF 260602, Login, Olimpiada, Gospodin, Mir, Tsvetochek, Solnyshko, Tsezar, Mark Aurelius, Kosmos, India, Vishnya, and Viagra

I told Corey last night on Gmail chat that I’d left my computer on for about four nights in a row, and it hadn’t exploded yet! He said that his computer had been on for years now, haha. We talked about CLASH OF CLANS, RISE OF NATIONS, and the guy on Facebook whom I’d found with the same name / high school / university / current city in Taiwan as him. Eventually, I added him; he was of course going to deny me with some rude message, but Facebook said that I wouldn’t know if he rejected the request or not, haha. That’s him, all right! At least I finally finished ALL aspects of the Doctor Unheimlich project at 2 AM, so now I can play MOTHER 3 again!

This morning, I got up at 11 to find out that Sexy Undo Close Tab was back. Since I don’t need the confusion of two very similar extensions, I removed it after I finished the drops in a bottle of sesame oil. Barry picked me up at 1, and I did my banking before going to Price Smart. I bought on-sale limited edition TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE Kraft Dinner x4 (Michaelangelo / Donatello / Leonardo / Raphael), on-sale Kraft Dinner deluxe Velveeta shells and cheese, black pepper XO sauce noodles, on-sale Nissin noodles (sesame oil / beef / tonkotsu), bananas, and an on-sale bottle of Coke for rum and Coke purposes. Also purchased on-sale Sidekicks pasta (Tomato Alfredo / Creamy Chicken Fusili / Three Cheese), on-sale Sidekicks rice (Country Mushroom x2 / Mexican Rice), on-sale store brand juice (mango / apple / orange), pork and vegetable dumplings, chicken and vegetable dumplings x2, almond milk x2, and pink Excel White gum x3. While there, I was worried that I wouldn’t have money for my phone bill, but then remembered that I’d taken care of Telus months ago, so now I’ve taken care of everything right after payday! WOOHOO! At home, I managed to re-purpose a container for all the boxed stuff.

Velveeta Shells and Cheese! (not the one I got, but still…)

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