Letter Count! / Sarah and Vernon now have a son! / Mom and Yellow Power

Letter Count is a very useful tool to count the number of characters in a block of text or even short sentences in the case of Twitter’s ridiculous 140-character limit. Definitely worthy of a bookmark!

I stayed up till 1:30 last night to finish some of the Doctor Unheimlich stuff, so YAY! According to Kittie’s Facebook post this morning on the page for Phil’s church, Sarah had a baby boy yesterday. There was the usual talk about her being through a lot of fire / molding / refining, and God being faithful and blessing her and Vernon with a son – OF COURSE. Just say you’re happy for her and move on without the religious stuff!

Funny snippets from my mom’s cruise email: “This Australian musician was adopted as one year orphan from Vietnam, and did an DNA test last year and found out that he is 55% Chinese, YELLOW POWER!!!! [emphasis mine]” / “[My] feet is SWALLON [emphasis mine] but thanks to tiger PALM [emphasis mine] it is OK now.” / “I am an impatient person may be God wants me to learn a lesson here. [You THINK so?!]”

Mike finally sent me a FB message to tell me something important, so YAY for that! Of course, I had to go all Corey on him and say “so you FINALLY sent me a message?! :P” Hahaha!

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