I’m not going to answer you! / Pest control / What’s Your Manicure Style? / We don’t care!

Last night, the usual suspect sent me a few messages (right before / after I went to bed) asking if I wanted him around and then manipulatively saying that it was fine that he didn’t get an answer. (I’ll ignore them) I thought he said that he was going to clean up and do some stuff, so he should go do that instead! If he wanted a timely response, he OBVIOUSLY should have talked to me during the hockey game! Besides, I was in the zone and not even on Facebook at that time! Pest control (with Hester in tow) came at 10:45 AM (barely twenty minutes after I got up) and put in fresh new bait stations for the mice, which is a good thing. At least this guy was white and competent with English! I know that sounds racist, but I’ve had it with people whose command of English isn’t the greatest!

No one likes us! We don’t care! (this was stolen from a Milwall chant)

You Are a Classic French Manicure

You are chic in an old-fashioned sort of way, and you are quite feminine. You like to look pretty.
Whenever you get the choice, you go classic. You would always rather look timeless than trendy.

You know what looks good on you, and you tend to stick with it. You are effortlessly stylish.
You don’t want anything you’re doing to stand out, but if people notice, they will notice how good you look!



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