Naked Barbie and Ariel dolls! / “Fueled by Hate” car! / Value Village / Money boxes

Mike and I managed to meet up at Brighouse Station after 6:45. We talked about Value Village, Spirit Halloween, steampunk costume ideas, coats, skulls, wigs, glasses, naked Barbie and Ariel dolls at the store, An Nam Pho, THE DUCHESS (an apartment complex at #3 and Granville), Richmond Place, Queen Victoria, wearing his watch since he’d lose track of time while playing RISE OF NATIONS, Napoleon, books, thanking me for being patient for two hours, a screwed-up “Fueled by Hate” Vancouver Fitted car, and his going to Superstore later in the week. Also discussed sushi places, MY NASTY SMELLY PERIOD FARTS (hehehe), Taiwanese “Stupid Noodles,” BAKA, Abraham Lincoln wearing a cravat, boiling water for macaroni and cheese with McCormick Hot taco seasoning, hats, going slightly over his $50 budget, bowties, and electronics. He was right that I was too tired to walk to my place from Value Village when we finally reached Brighouse Station again at 9, JUST missing a 407! However, the 401 came along shortly afterwards and I was home by 9:10.

When he got here at 10, I had to poop! (he’d had to do the same thing half an hour before at home) Then we talked about helping me with putting in my new phone, batteries, quality, paying too much, Panasonic batteries, Dollar Smart being near Superstore, toy sniper rifles, Amy Poehler / Leslie Knope, PARKS AND RECREATION, La Gloria / Bellingham Costco / Amazon (Ortega – bulk) taco seasoning, SOUTH PARK and the Washington Redskins / ISIS / crowdfunding, V team names, TWO AND A HALF MEN, and Saturday plans. This morning, he had gotten up before me. I got up at 10:10, which he commented on since it was interesting. Of course, he was playing RISE OF NATIONS and had invaded Turkey using a navy. I showed him some stickers as well, while hoping I didn’t have too much of a cold. Before he went into my room to sleep, he wondered whether the mattress was still bloody – I FLIPPED IT OVER, MAN!

Hidden sign near Flint’s House in Chapter 2, thanks to Walking-Through-Walls: “The contents of these boxes cost money. Please refrain from using them without paying.” Yay, Duster!


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