New messenger bag for $25 off! / New phone, a plethora of Julie presents, dessert personality

I had to throw out an unused Colgate Extreme Herbal Mint toothpaste because it had expired in July! The usual suspect said he was feeling better at 8:50 AM, so I said at 9:10 that I had to get some motivation to go all the way to Blundell Centre to pick up a package. Yes, it’s that far away! His pick-up location is Richmond Centre, but he lives practically across the street from there, so I’m not surprised. I remember that I couldn’t change mine ten years ago due to some BS about postal codes. At least I was responsible and paid my Shaw bill before heading out to the bank to pay for my bus pass application! I had to stop by Boston Pizza and use their washroom without being a customer, though… at least I kinda looked like I knew what I was doing, I guess!

I got an on-sale Certified Data messenger bag at London Drugs ($25 off, from $44.99 to $19.99 – GOOD purse replacement!) as well as a new black VTech phone and AA batteries for it as long as I was there. Then I went to Blundell Centre to pick up my package at the Shoppers Drug Mart post office; the clerk gave me a Canada Post phone number to call so I could maybe hopefully change my pick-up location, at least! After that, I went to Price Smart to get the Silk almond-coconut milk which Chantelle told me about, chicken and vegetable dumplings / on-sale pork and vegetable Good Taste dumplings (1.2 kilograms for $10) / on-sale Lays Jalapeno Mac and Cheese chips (for Michael) / Nissin tonkotsu noodles / Nissin beef noodles / Golden Wheat spicy beef noodles / Lion & Globe peanut oil ($5.38 for 900 mL rather than $5.99 for 600mL) / on-sale pomegranate and mango liquid soap / a Crest and Scope toothpaste. Since everything was so heavy, I had to call a cab home. Oh well, at least I don’t do that ALL the time!

Got home at 3:45 and almost immediately found a Facebook message from the usual suspect about Value Village. I know he’s not sick, so we could do that today. He called to say that he had a dentist appointment on Oct. 1 and his mom’s birthday is on the 2nd, so he could crash over there to help minimize the bus tickets he’d need to buy. At least they won’t be at a club, since she had a milestone birthday at 65 last year! He said that Richard was just being himself with the go-karting for his own birthday. Thankfully for me, Value Village is approximately at No. 3 and Granville, and the store closes at 9. (even luckier: I HAVE MONEY, so it was “good” sickness timing!) He needed to call my mom first, which is fine. I certainly don’t care about her stuff, haha!

When I said that I’d bought the Lays chips, he said I didn’t have to do that – well, I was at the store anyway! He thought I’d paid $50 for a landline phone; NO, it was only $12.99! I still have the receipt, so I can definitely prove it! Later, Mike called again to say that he might check out Spirit Halloween while in Vancouver tomorrow to fix my mom’s “non-rushed” issues (the lards are at dinner now) – I’m not sure about walking six more blocks (twelve combined) after today’s exercise while running errands, but we’ll see! He’s cooking rice, he says, and will call me later to get this over with.

Julie’s stuff: eighteen flower / butterfly / ladybug puffy stickers, twelve camping-themed puffy stickers, fifteen encouragement-themed puffy stickers, a card with great stickers on the envelope, Wash Your Hands: The Dirty Truth About Germs, Viruses, and Epidemics… and the Simple Ways to Protect Yourself in a Dangerous World (Frédéric Saldmann), twelve gummy candy body parts, 250 PARTY TIME Sparkle stickers, a muffin eraser, a large-print Pocket Puzzle word search book (Kappa Volume 60), “Happy Birthday” party glasses, a small pink CAKE BOSS journal called YOU WANNA PIECE OF THIS?, and twelve colorful pencils (23)

You Are Dreamy

You are the type of person who often has your head in the clouds, and you see no reason to come down to earth.
You are very creative and expressive. You’re the type to make something a little more artistic just because you can!

You aren’t afraid to make a mess, especially if it’s in the name of art or dessert. A good life isn’t always neat and tidy.
You embrace sweetness, and you never think twice before treating yourself. You like every day to be a little whimsical and special.

Some wire writers out there should be fired. Jordan Subban is NOT “the dark guy in the middle”!

Golden Wheat spicy beef noodles!


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