Birthday Wishes, 2014

Email: Vicky L., Jason C., Dan W., Sharon W., Eric H., Denise M., Christon S., Deb L., Dylan L., Steve L., Mandy D.-R. {11}

Gmail Chat: Halafax Sam {1}

LJ: Carollee (magenta_girl) [also sent me an LJ message], Hockey Pool (mishey22, amythology, myrevival) EndlessBlush {6}

Facebook Wall Posts: Cecilia M., Lucas N., Amanda B., Alana P., Chantelle S., Shane T., Jess W., Erin Curry, Billie E., Pete C., Candy B., Melissa T., Derek C., Tara T., Diane S., Shannon S., Jon B., Shelley R.-B., Sara H., Leona K., Vania S., Tyler T., Debbie S., Wade T., Mikki M., Mel M., Maxine F., Danielle L., Leslie K., Ivan W., Stella H., Adam L., Mandy W., Megan K., Andrea T., Alice P., Eve M., Sheryll T., Tamara I., Scarlett B., Kitty B., Holly L., Tiffany S., Vivian K., Vanessa H., Sonya Y., Ellen C., Angela S., Emily Lam, Leeanne C., Shaun S., Karen Lew, Susan D., Julie S., Krista K., Geoff E., Farrah F., Andrew L., Barb D., Nina M., Jason H., Nathan T., Amy L., Jason T., Christine B., Deanna H., Janina P., Daniel T., Rosenda M., Elizabeth M., Vivian W. {74}

Facebook Chat / Messages: Brett L., Lisa Dragon, Scott C., Alan P., Jim S. {5}

Facebook Discussion Boards / Groups: James G., Tyler K., Cody B. Daniel B., Holly V., Tricia J., Karen G., Carol A., Geoff E., Mikki M., Jon B., Sabre S. {12} [CHECK THIS]

Facebook Status / Photo Comments and Likes: Laura B., Dawn W.-M. Josh A., Dustin R., Vanessa H., Danika H., Jessica G., Jeremy Y., Wesley V., Kitty B., Kaitlin O., Krista G., Chantelle S., Shelley R.-B. {14}

Our Place: Carol B., Marie S., Carol J., Steve B., Debbie S., Pup, DazingWonder (Ela) {7}

Reddit: icypops, Valintiin, Grey-fox-13 [Alexander R.], MeltemiC, Jehosh [Carlos M.] {5}

Savage Love: Don Staples, BikeKike, Dikachu, Dr. Ma, Gin Thompson, inamine {6}

Other Message Boards and Such: Baby’s Named A Bad Bad Thing, Unaboard, OK Cupid {3}

Evite / Event RSVP: Michael G., Eric M., Jennifer S., Vanessa H., Billie E., Alana P., Elizabeth M., Vicky L., Jason C., Dan W., Sharon W., Eric H., Jeremy J., Denise M., Reeha K., Phil Y., Lisa N., Karen L., Deb L., Dylan L., Kevin L. {21}

In Person: Steph N., Lisa N., Jon N., Harmony H., Ayler N., Hiero N., Auntie Catherine I., Marcus I., Michael G., Eric M., Eric H., Vanessa H., Chrystal C. {12}

Cards / Presents: a 36-pack of Costco seaweed and a card (Steph and Lisa), a Gloucester Café lunch from Auntie Catherine I. and Marcus I., The Fart Tootorial: Farting Fundamentals, Master Blaster Techniques, And The Complete Toot Taxonomy (Ben Applebaum, Dan Disorbo, Porter Mckinnon) / a bowl which is the same kind as the previous ones I’ve kept from them / a Grammar Nazi pin (Jon / Harmony / Ayler / Hiero), Bob Likes Thai Food dinner from Jon N. / Steph N. / Harmony H. / Lisa N., Gloucester Café lunch from Auntie Catherine I., $20 Boston Pizza gift card / birthday card from Dan and Sharon W., a card from Michael G., Specialty Chicken and Wonton House lunch from Vanessa H., dinner from Chrystal C. {13}

* Mom and Dad’s presents: clothing and mooncake {2}

* Julie S.’s presents: eighteen flower / butterfly / ladybug puffy stickers, twelve camping-themed puffy stickers, fifteen encouragement-themed puffy stickers, a card with great stickers on the envelope, Wash Your Hands: The Dirty Truth About Germs, Viruses, and Epidemics… and the Simple Ways to Protect Yourself in a Dangerous World (Frédéric Saldmann), twelve gummy candy body parts, 250 PARTY TIME Sparkle stickers, a muffin eraser, a large-print Pocket Puzzle word search book (Kappa Volume 60), “Happy Birthday” party glasses, a small pink CAKE BOSS journal called YOU WANNA PIECE OF THIS?, and twelve colorful pencils {23}

Phone Calls / Skype: Kevin L., Steph N. {2}

Personal Time: Michael G. {1}

25.0% of my Facebook friends … 109 of 437! (9 fewer wishes, 9 more people)


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