Online store flyers, A TALE OF MARI AND THREE PUPPIES, Lighter and Fuel’s collapsed shack

Last night, Mike and I discussed a circlejerk, a soggy biscuit, coffee, Cracked / Encyclopedia Dramatica articles on Zoe Quinn, SIDEWAYS STORIES FROM WAYSIDE SCHOOL, Eric Fry / Eric Bacon / Eric Ovens, rape, proof, 4Chan, relief that certain things DID work this time, my brief nap, Jimmy with the speech impediment / Timmy the retard / Cartman / Butters on SOUTH PARK, Shaw wi-fi hotspots, cleaning, being distracted, having fried dumplings with beer, and installing things on Sherry’s computer. (which has YM and MSN on it) We also talked about his meaning to join Red Flag Deals, online store flyers, walking to Superstore, sleeping in last Saturday, installing RISE OF NATIONS: THE NAPOLEON CAMPAIGN on my computer, THE SIMPSONS (Mafia / Yakuza fights!), and Solid State hard drives.

Vanessa called to confirm our plans for this morning; sure, I can meet her at the Specialty Chicken and Wonton House at 11! Mike and I talked about AT MIDNIGHT, Conan O’Brien touching his nipples, GARFUNKEL AND OATES, WORLD’S END, watching A TALE OF MARI AND THREE PUPPIES (Shiba Inu in an earthquake!), uTorrent, suspending disbelief while watching movies (but maybe not so much if based on a true story), Worcestershire sauce / salt / pepper / Clamato juice / jalapeno vodka in our Caesars, passwords, restarting the computer, DAEMON Tools for running virtual CDs, and his going home to sleep. Of course, the last thing did not end up happening, and now he’s using my bed to sleep rather than the couch. It’s much better this way, I guess!

Lighter and Fuel’s shack has completely collapsed!


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