French bread, Breyer’s Birthday Blast, Breyer’s Dark Chocolate Velvet, and Kraft Dinner top-up


Barry picked me up at 11, and we were off to Price Smart via a different scenic route. Of course, I noticed that we were using other roads to get to where we were going! I bought on-sale (at almost half-price) Breyer’s BLACK box Birthday Blast ice cream (fitting since it’s my birthday month!) / Dark Chocolate Velvet ice cream, pork and vegetable dumplings, almost half-price Nestlé Pure Life bottled water in the 24-pack, two overpriced “year” birthday cards for Declan and Elysse, an almost half-price huge box of original Kraft Dinner which expires in January, and 400g of French bread which expires on September 6.

Also purchased on-sale Bai Xiang five-noodle packs x4 (spicy beef x2 / pork / beef – all 90 cents off!), on-sale Nestea Tropical Citrus juice ($1 each), on-sale Five Alive citrus juice x2 ($1 each), on-sale Nestea lemon iced tea x2 (also $1 each), on-sale Nestea Passionate Peach Citrus juice ($1 each), (vanilla) almond milk x2, and on-sale Western Family store brand Sidekicks equivalents x5 (Creamy Parmesan / Creamy Bacon / Sour Cream and Chives / Butter and Herb / Creamy Garlic Raffaello) which were also a dollar each! I saw a blend of SILK almond milk and coconut milk like Chantelle (acatsoclever / shanterusan / danslagorge) was telling me about months ago, but the best-before date was TODAY. I’d rather wait for that one! Now I only have about $30 cash to my name, but I do have other accounts just in case! At least I saved $25.33 on my grocery shopping!


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