Michelle Osterhoudt Steed / What Superpower Could You Develop?

Michelle Osterhoudt Steed wanted to add me to Facebook: sure, why not? I know the name from Mikki’s SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND music group, after all! Called Uncle Andrew’s office to ensure that I actually still had an appointment this afternoon (I do, so I had coffee – might as well get it over with), and then called Atmosphere (Coast Mountain Sports / Sportschek) to see if they still had shorts in store. They do, so hopefully they’ll be relatively cheap. Maybe I can find something at Oakridge since I’ll be there anyway…

You Could Develop Invisibility

You are an incredibly observant person, and you have a real head for details. You remember everything.
You are quite clever and even a bit sneaky. You’re the type who likes to work behind the scenes.

You aren’t one for attention, but you do still want to do good in this world. You just prefer to be anonymous.
You are more adventurous than you might seem, and you want to be able to travel everywhere, completely undisturbed.


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