A chunk of tooth missing since 1995?! / ROCK ISLAND OYSTERS AND CLAMS shirt, and Under Armour shorts!

No more blue Engrish shirt or dark blue shorts that I got at Sears forever ago! I went out at 1 to see if I could find shorts and a T-shirt. First, I went to London Drugs to get two pairs of replacement Secret ankle socks since the “pair” I was wearing was mismatched in texture, and I couldn’t stand the feeling any longer. Then I wasted time at Coast Mountain Sports / Atmosphere before going to Sears to get a blue “Rock Island Oysters and Clams Public House” T-shirt which was 40% off! ($20 to $13.43!)

When I got to Oakridge at 3, Auntie Kwai apparently saw me when I was busily trying to cross the road! Then I had to wait half an hour to even SEE the dentist. Apparently, a chunk of one of my back teeth has been missing since at least 1995, when I had my wisdom teeth removed! Sean saw it on the X-ray, went “WTF?!”, and wondered how long it had been there! The tooth hasn’t caused me any problems for almost 20 years, so I will just roll with it. Then I decided to continue with my shopping trek because it’s better to use this month’s money than next month’s money! (even if it would be practically drained by the time I’m done – I needed and wanted to buy these things, anyway…)

Afterwards, I briefly went to the Apple Store at Oakridge, then glanced in the Bay. Then I went to Lansdowne, which was largely another waste of time except for using the Target washroom and getting a half-price container of Island Fresh Gain laundry detergent. I couldn’t find Winners, and didn’t want to eat up any more time than I had at that point since the malls all close at 7 or so on Tuesday night. After wasting yet more time at American Eagle, I finally found a pair of breathable Under Armour black shorts with pockets at Champs in Richmond Centre! Pretty good, since the last time I bought them was more than four years ago (July 31, 2010) for the MATRIX shorts! I figured I had just enough energy to go to London Drugs for the second time today, since the last thing I felt like doing was going out on ultimately fruitless expeditions again tomorrow! At that last stop, I purchased some Minute Maid orange juice (I was thirsty!) and two replacement Home Accents pub glasses. The last time I bought some pub glasses was on Sept. 11, 2012. When I got home at 7 (not wrong to feel accomplished!), I spilled some Oktoberfest knockoff equivalent beer on myself, necessitating yet another shower! Man, I’m a consumer whore!

Granville Island Public Market:

Island Fresh Gain laundry detergent!

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