Sleep efficiency, hair, triangles, Bacon Poutine, espresso, and Tanetane Island

When I got up at 10, I was surprised to find that Mike was awake… apparently, he slept at 4 AM, and didn’t sleep from 5:30 to 6:30 AM! He was looking up stuff on Lays chips (Cheesy Garlic Bread [US] / Maple Moose [Canada] – not very good, yet selling high? / Wasabi Ginger [US] / Bacon Mac and Cheese [US] / Mango Salsa [US] / Cappuccino [US] / Cinnamon Bun [Canada] / Bacon Poutine [Canada] / Tzatziki [Canada] / Jalapeno Mac N’ Cheese [Canada]), and they’ll be in stores on August 10! Mom had emailed us back (ugh), so maybe we can get this over with at Peaceful on Tuesday afternoon. Then we discussed snoring, emasculation, joining each other, having mac and cheese with taco seasoning for breakfast, jalapeno Stoli, his going home to get some more sleep and bring over a bunch of chips (sriracha!), sleep efficiency, mounds, Venus, salvaging the lamp, doing the dishes, setting the alarm, Nair, triangles, a fan petition for Weird Al to play the Super Bowl halftime show, Googling stuff, and answering my phone later. Now that I know what to expect, maybe I will if I’m not sleeping myself!

You Are a Cappuccino

You are an interesting person, and people can’t quite describe you to others. You are very unique.
There’s a part of you that is very strong and self-assured. You stand your ground, even if that means being stubborn.

On the flip side, you can be dreamy, open-minded, and free-spirited. When you relax, you really take your time.
You savor your life completely, no matter what mode you happen to be in. You live in the moment, and make sure you are totally present.

Tanetane Island, by FlurChild on Deviant Art:


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