Work promotions, Osaka Supermarket, peanut oil, chili oil, dumplings, yellow rice vinegar

Adam L. sent me some Facebook messages since he hadn’t seen me at church in a while! It turns out that since I’m a friend he can trust, he wants me to give him some value and referrals because he’s running for a work promotion. I’m no good at that anyway, but thanked him for the trust and friendship! Then Mike called from Osaka Supermarket at 9:30. We spent about half an hour talking about Jazmin, Big Crazy, spicy beef noodles, some prices making no sense, Nissin noodles, cute little bottles of Lion and Globe peanut oil (saves me from going to City Fresh to look for the same thing), matching bottles of oils which he’d seen before, crowded conditions, Kokuho Rose rice, WANG DERM, $70 rice bags, “stripper music” on the radio, and his talking like a redneck.

We also discussed the “no sound on Youtube” issue having to do with the Flash player and HTML5 player, chili oil (Chili Crisp?), going to Fatty Hi Restaurant with his dad tonight for dinner (their prices = at least $15 for anything?! EXPENSIVE!), his driving Richard’s Porsche today (which was scary!), green tea Kit Kats (I should show him Melissa’s Facebook Kit Kat album!), a good kind of ice cream which he’d had in Japan (but it’s pricey here – no squeezing!), nothing being new here, Lee Kum Kee sriracha, soy sauce, and Arroy-D curry sauce. Conversed about Kimlan yellow rice vinegar, his refilling any soy sauce bottles I had, a deal for three 567g packs of O’Tasty dumplings for $10.99 ([JUMBO] pork / leek / chicken / vegetable), onions, prices, LOTS of brands for everything (not just GLICO curry!), and ladies screaming in Cantonese. Yes, he did leave his own soy sauce and wasabi to chill in my fridge, but he can pick those up when he comes to drop everything off!

Edit: Mike came by at 11:10 to drop stuff off, saying he’d called. Meh!

Arroy-D red curry sauce!

Arroy-D green curry sauce!

Lee Kum Kee sriracha chili sauce!

Lion and Globe peanut oil!

Jinye spicy beef noodles!

Laoganma spicy chili crisp oil!

Kimlan yellow rice vinegar!

O’Tasty jumbo pork and vegetable dumplings!

O’Tasty pork and vegetable dumplings!

O’Tasty vegetable, pork, and leek dumplings!


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