Winter Creek oysters tasting off, Chrystal treating at Oakridge, Cindy Fang and Samson

Unfortunately, the Winter Creek oysters also tasted wrong and off-putting, so I had to return them. I hope this isn’t Mike’s power of suggestion ruining it for me! Luckily, it was successful after I just managed to get the bus! I then bought chicken-mushroom noodles x9 before heading off to Oakridge a bit early. Hung out at the Apple Store for a while, getting a message from the usual suspect right before I was going to leave. Can’t you have better timing, dude?! I later found out that he had replied a couple minutes after I sent a brief reply, but even that was too late for him!

I updated Chrystal at the Oakridge White Spot on Claire’s wedding and pregnancy, alcohol, Mike’s birthday and how Richard had overruled everything HE wanted (no oyster bar with gumbo!), Tony and Trish’s wedding (that parking lot fight! no “selfish” behavior!), the water-poop flood which Marek caused, family drama, picking battles, Bacardi 151 gummi bears, and the ghost pepper salsa. Yes, it’s been a crazy couple of months! She had an Asian Chicken Salad while I had the limited-edition Chicken Pickings with mashed potatoes instead of fries. We talked about Emily and Sam being engaged now, charging her phone, the hot weather, gas prices, Mike walking almost everywhere (from downtown to home in central Richmond – from home in central Richmond to Steveston…), baby Mackenzie letting you hold her, baby Karissa NOT letting you hold her, walking while running errands as your daily exercise, energy levels, her aunt and uncle being here from England (but going to Hawaii next week) and having lots of dim sum while they’re in town, and bubble tea at Little Tea House.

They’d run out of bubbles before 8 PM (we’d checked the time at the Apple Store while seeing if she could charge her Blackberry there – no go), so I had pudding jelly with my mango bubble tea while Chrystal had aloe jelly with her green tea. It was actually quite refreshing! After she treated me to that as well as dinner, we went our separate ways since she was meeting her parents at Safeway before 9. On my own way back to the exit, I bumped into Cindy holding hands with some Asian guy. It was her fiancé Samson, whom she’d met at Fraser Lands! We chatted for a bit about Dianne (Grandview Calgary Baptist Church) and life before they went to Banana Republic prior to closing time. When I told Cindy that I’d just had dinner with Chrystal, she immediately wondered whether she was still around. Maybe if they caught her at the Safeway! Got home at 9 (just managing to get the 407, thanks to shoving past a bunch of jabronies crowding the bus stop line), and discovered that Dan and Sharon can pick me and Mike up at 8:30 AM on Sunday. I guess it should be fine, but we’ll see!


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