THE PLANETS, food carts, my playing the clarinet, Chip Dykstra, rum and ginger ale

Mike and I discussed eBay, Young the Giant, THE PLANETS, the Georgia guy who let his toddler die in a hot car, AMERICAN PIE and “band camp” jokes, the food cart weekend event on the seawall, video game music, the PSP version of FINAL FANTASY II, info about engine knocks and computers, and his taking a shower. Then we talked about Strepsils, Halls, how finding an inexpensive supplier earlier could have saved him so much money, the mangoes, my time as a clarinet player in the Concert Band, DAWN OF SOULS, anime, DRAGON WARRIOR, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, Chip Dykstra (the “Rum Howler” from Alberta), mixing the rum and ginger ale, oscillators, and stirring the Bacardi 151 gummi bears. Conversed about going to the States next week (Mexican food / Tony / Mi Mexico / Surrey / picking stuff up), his planned DRAGON WARRIOR 4 / FINAL FANTASY 4 text hacks, Kitsu’s fur, my strange “tape on back” habit, Shiba Inu dogs, our having separate plans today (I’m updating Chrystal on everything!), and his very disturbing dream of his parents being remarried to each other.

Here’s a sexy FINAL FANTASY VI hack in collage form!

1000 years have passed… sex, drugs, and pornography magazines have been rediscovered, and…

Biggs: “And this woman, this… prostitute… Why’s she here?”

Edgar: The young king of Figaro Castle, ally to the Empire, and a master designer of sex toys.

Wedge: “Can we please put her in a thong now?” Biggs: “We will in just a minute!!! Whoa, you’re horny.”

Terra: A mysterious young woman, controlled by the Empire, with breasts the size of basketballs. Locke: “I PREFER the term DRUG DEALING!”

Locke: Drug Dealer and major pimp, searching the world for someone who might screw him. Soldier: “Open the door! We want that girl! She’s a prostitute of the Empire!” Terra to Edgar: “Look, why are you helping me? Is it because of my… breasts?”


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