Taco Macaroni and Cheese! / What Part of Italy Are You?

Decided to unsubscribe from r/childfree because of the stupid asshole in there who didn’t know that I am NOT respectful when it comes to spelling mistakes, and the other one who thought that “balling your eyes out” was proper English! I know that those people are all over the Internet, but REALLY?!

I also got a tip on how to jazz up my mac and cheese: ADD TACO SEASONING TO IT! I am so going to try this if I remember!

You Are the History

You find history to be interesting and even lovely. You can’t imagine visiting a place without learning about its past.
You enjoy learning about the human experience, and you can see the ways in which the past and present are linked.

You are studious and intellectual. You honor the past and the lessons from history that we have forgotten.
You are very curious about everyone and everything. You are always eager to hear another person’s story.

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