Very inconvenient location changes! / Homemade rum? / Ghost pepper salsa punishment

I thought that Dylan and Deb’s new move would be more convenient since I only had to take the more reliable 401 to their place, but NO! Translink said that Ash St. was near Garden City and Blundell, but I couldn’t find it since Heather St. was the next intersection! The Blundell City workers at Church’s Fried Chicken, Subway, and other places weren’t very helpful. Eventually, I gave up after about 45 minutes. The bus coming up to the stop was a good indicator that I should just go home. I got home at 8 to a series of messages from the usual suspect about rum (GOOD IDEA!), articles on making your own rum, the Bacardi 151 gummi bears, and Lemon Hart Navy Spiced Rum. Deb had also called me at 7:30, and Sharon had sent me an email a few minutes after that. After I called Deb to complain, she sent Dylan to come pick me up. I told Sharon that I wouldn’t be making it to small group until the venue permanently changed to a better place: MINE!

Dylan and I talked about his cold, his having NO COFFEE (?!), and my transit woes on the way to their new place. I’d decided to punish them by making them try the ghost pepper salsa on corn chips. Dylan couldn’t take too much, but Deb could take slightly more. Pastor Dan experimented with it, saying that jalapenos always make him hiccup! Nothing happened, though. Sharon and Vicky didn’t have any, but Eric had a bit. We talked about Matthew 18, gouging people’s eyes out, Pastor Dan’s mom, my crazy month, Vicky’s work, Eric’s family vacation to Portland, Dylan’s parents’ vacation to Toronto, family drama, and other things. At least I said hi to Declan and an alert baby Elysse before Eric dropped me off at home later, joking about No. 4 / Alderbridge all the way!

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