Thai Express, oysters, Melona ice bar popsicles / What Does Your Favorite Nut Say About You?

I was responsible and paid my Shaw and hydro bills before going out in the hot weather to do some banking and stuff today, inadvertently without a hat. Had some Pad Thai from Thai Express for lunch in the Richmond Centre food court, then decided to walk over to Price Smart to use that gift card. Bought July 9 oysters (what I got the gift card for in the first place – NONSENSE!), those Melona melon ice bar popsicles which Mike had seen at the Lansdowne Smart & Save (I had to climb to get the box from the top shelf!), Seafood Party noodles, and Samyang seafood udon noodles. On the 401 going home, Michael Ho’s mom noticed me. It was nice to see her, and we told each other to take care when I got off the bus!

Emailed Mandy, and called Chrystal at work to make plans since I have to tell her about all the craziness in the past two months! Next Saturday evening at Oakridge sounds fine, especially since downtown might be a bit far! 6:30 is a good time, since Awana is over with.

Samyang Seafood Party noodles!

Samyang seafood udon noodles!

You Are Responsible

You are a highly conscientious and motivated person. You don’t enjoy slacking off.
You take on a lot of projects, and while they may seem like more than you can handle, you get most of them done.

You are very hands on. You would rather take on a problem yourself than let it go unmanaged.
You enjoy working, and you have high standards for everything you do. You are very competent, and you have a stellar professional reputation.


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