Who Are You In TEN THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU? / The Night Test

I called the pharmacy next door to refill my birth control prescription!

You Are Kat

You are highly independent, and you refuse to try to fit in. In fact, it suits you just fine to be a bit different.
You have deep beliefs, and aren’t about to throw them out the window. You honestly don’t care what others think.

You are very cultured and well-read. While you are intellectual, you aren’t a nerd – you are also quite rock and roll.
You have a sharp tongue, and you enjoy insulting people who deserve it. Deep down, you are sweet to those you care about, though.

You Are Together

You are extremely determined, sometimes to the point of being stubborn. You don’t give up easily.
Everyone who knows you can see how dedicated you are. If you take on a responsibility, you see it through.

You are very conscientious, and you never resent doing the right thing. You believe that working hard is its own reward.
You are well-rounded and informed about the world around you. People seek out your opinion and advice.


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