PSYCH, affordability, meal options, contempt, returning oysters, midnight waiting

Mike got here at about 8:15 while I was watching PSYCH, and said that he’d tried calling me multiple times. Well, I was watching TV! He was delayed since he had to eat something at his own place before coming over here, and figured that if I’d had leftovers, I could have answered my phone and told him so. We discussed po’boy ingredients, the affordability of having kids (brought on by a commercial), and my reduced Shaw bill: $122! After checking emails and eBay, he said that he was going to hit up Superstore and use a coupon.

Mike also wanted us to discuss meal options before I went out to buy stuff; is it MY fault that he’s so picky about food which isn’t vegetarian and has “parents”? I wondered what would have happened if I had ordered the lamb like I’d wanted to last Thursday at the COVE, but he said he didn’t remember anything about that. IT WAS ON THE MENU! At least he offered to help me return the replacement oysters! I finally found the receipt for those in the garbage during a commercial break! (and also found a message from Mike wondering what aversion I had to answering my own phone – trust me, it runs deep!) Sigh… I suppose he doesn’t like surprises. Mike said he’d come back after the show so we could properly celebrate our anniversary (whatever), and said that the champagne from Jen was fine. I thought that the oysters would class things up! He came back just after 10, and said that he reserved the right to be fussy – well, as long as he recognizes that I can also eat what I want! Ugh… it’s NOT like how I dislike onions!

He calculated the gas mileage per gallon for something (a Gulf TDI), and said that he’d wasted gas by driving the car for a bit. THAT’S FINE AND NOT A WASTE OF GAS! Then we decided on walking to Price Smart to return the oysters together, since he was worried that he might need me there to use the Save-On More card. He wanted to go to his place to get stuff for lemon rice and another cherry Coke. We discussed how he should NOT imitate Marek, his friend from Japan who might have a Japanese wife by now (MICHAEL CARD), credit card charges, pesto, websites which took forever to load, Marek and Steve abandoning him in a cab, how we needed the Winter Creek oysters before we could leave, bad things in relationships like contempt, and meeting at the store in the book section. I realized that I didn’t have the crumpled receipt (which he’d made a fuss about) since HE did, but I managed to get a gift card for the amount. Then I waited around forever for him (buying on-sale Chunky peanut butter Kit Kats / orange Aero / latte Coffee Crisp bars), but couldn’t wait any longer once it was 11:50. After waiting in the parking lot for a bit more, I went home.

After I’d aired myself out two minutes later, he came in the door and was greeted by “And you think it’s a good idea to leave me waiting in the parking lot at midnight?!” Apparently, he HAD gone back to the store at 11:30, but couldn’t find me anywhere. I did say “the book section,” but he didn’t hear that! I told him to LISTEN TO ME NEXT TIME! We discussed KING OF THE HILL / Pentecostal churches / Communion / transubstantiation (taking “the body of Christ” literally, as Catholics do), taking lemon rice to eat on long walks, decency, cherry Coke, Tang, using his seaweed for a Japanese sandwich, Lisa’s birthday card, smaller containers, his stomach not registering sugar, the drunken gummi bears being strong, his hoping that I wasn’t mad at him, how he should have gone back to the store at midnight to see whether I was there (but he was sure I’d gone home), and how he apparently didn’t see me walking home just ahead of him! Ugh, we hate this miscommunication! He did observe that maybe we should just stay together next time since something seemed to happen every time we were split up. Perhaps so! From his point of view, he did think it was strange that I’d barely waited for him – I just didn’t know why he didn’t look harder in all the store aisles! At least he apologized for not hearing the IMPORTANT “in the book section” part!

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