Bedding, burning, logistics, wedding rehearsal surprise, monitors, chips, and Krista

Mike came over at 9:45 PM, and said that something smelled like burning, so he opened the window to air the place out. Then I said that Mom wanted me to pick up a bunch of stuff, including a computer monitor. He was interested in that, so I called my parents to see what was included. Dad said that I would enjoy the 23-inch monitor which was three years old at the most, while Mom wondered how old my “closet” was since she had one I could use. Eventually, I figured out that she meant a set of dresser drawers. I told her to talk to Mike instead about the logistics of transportation of clothing / bedding, so that was fine.

Mike and I eventually talked about charging his phone, our own first anniversary celebrations needing to be on Thursday morning or afternoon, Claire’s wedding rehearsal and dinner on Thursday (I was skeptical that he was sure of my invitation!), text messages, selling monitors, a double monitor setup, timing, Robert’s car, and his being here all day tomorrow. Conversed about “orgies,” karmic justice, his grandpa never hanging up the phone properly, my calculator, vodka, Lamb’s 151 rum, mixers, cocktails, beef noodle soup, soundboard capacitators, Jazmin, water, math and alcohol, mango habanero Hawaii-style chips, Krista and hypocrisy, pickup artists, romance novels, Holly, and THE COST OF HER INNOCENCE. We also discussed EARTHBOUND towns, the Shao Lin Noodle House, Peaceful restaurant, whores, financial stability, eBay, Craigslist, forums, searching, computer equipment, “a bit” not being separated in people’s typing, searching for stuff, a shadow card used for a graphics card in a motherboard meant for two cards, Patrick Warburton, a penis graphic from Mandatory, and Jeff in RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.


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