No free chapbook?! / Bacardi dark rum / Absinthe! / Guylian and Quality Street

Since I got an email late last night saying that my free chapbook with the first seven chapters of MOBY is ready for pickup from Indigo Spirit, I went there this afternoon for my free gift! However, the staff hadn’t been able to find them all day, and many people have come in or called already about it! Since I was determined not to waste my trip outside, I went to the liquor store to get some original Bacardi dark rum. I saw absinthe there for $40! Then I went to London Drugs to get on-sale Guylian chocolates and on-sale Quality Street candy for the usual suspect, plus some One Step hand sanitizer for my wallet.

When I got home, I sorted everything out. Anniversary gift: card, Spanish peanuts, and Guylian chocolates. (plus my idea of oysters and champagne!) Birthday gifts: card, honey-roasted almonds, and Quality Street candies. Then I got a message from the usual suspect to say that he’d resisted the urge to masturbate this morning, but that he needed to see me tonight. I called him out on not coming by last night, of course. Other than that, I guess I don’t really MIND if he comes by tonight instead… he says that I was watching JACK BAUER, and he was too sleepy to walk to my place at 10 PM. Would have been nice if he’d let me know!


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