Premium Shin Ramyun BLACK noodles are twice the price?! / Gummi bears and oysters!

Barry picked me up at 11, and we were off to Price Smart. Since I’d heard a bunch about Shin Ramyun BLACK noodles, I decided to get this premium stuff; it was twice the price of other instant noodle packs! I’ll indulge my CONSUMER WHORE tendencies this once, I guess! I also bought oysters for next week’s idea (stored in the back of the fridge to hopefully prevent temptation), on-sale Sidekicks (Garlic Butter Lemon x2 / Stroganoff / Creamy Chicken Fusilli), pork and vegetable dumplings, an on-sale 650g tub of gummi bears, and an on-sale special Coffee Crisp Latte bar. Also got on-sale almond milk x3, Olympic Greek yogurt with vanilla, Nongshim spicy udon, Samyang Sogokimyun Hot Flavor ramen (the Gordon Way ones!), on-sale Western Family juice x4 (mango x2 / orange x2), Golden Wheat Pork Stew noodles, Golden Wheat Beef Stew noodles, on-sale Western Family crushed tomatoes x2, Excel White pink gum x4, and on-sale Cottonelle toilet paper x2.

Golden Wheat Pork Stew noodles!

Golden Wheat Beef Stew noodles!

Golden Wheat Mushroom Chicken noodles!


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